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You are probably still unsure whether that long list of conditions (including
being overweight) found here can be resolved by following the Plant Paradox Program. But as has been shown in peer-reviewed medical journals, simply changing your diet and making some lifestyle changes can effect amazing changes in your overall health. As the sixteenth century British naturalist and  die by those fated instruments more than the weapons of their enemies.”
Five centuries later, his words still ring true, as does Hippocrates’s famous Now, my belief in these complementary statements is not just a matter of faith. It stands on the bedrock of evidence: my research, the research of others, and the thousands of people who arrived in my office complaining of a variety of ailments and have since cured themselves by following my eating plan. Many of my patients initially were also carrying around excess pounds. Once they began the program, weight loss was almost inevitable, usually without major effort.

A Healthy Weight
I KNOW THAT many of you are eager to get to the weight-loss, but hold your horses just a bit longer. It’s important to first understand that any tendency to pack on extra pounds and any difficulty slimming down are not because you are a lazy or undisciplined person. If you are carrying around extra baggage, the likely reason is because you are eating the wrong foods and/or not eating the right foods. In my experience, what the Plant Paradox Program removes from your diet is more important than what it adds. That’s my first point. But second, disease issues and weight issues are often inextricably linked, which is why this chapter deals with both.
Another key point that is not on most people’s radar is the role that our gut bugs play—not only in health and disease, but also in maintaining a normal weight. Some microbes help keep you slim and healthy. Other gut bugs contribute to weight gain. Still other bugs that make you sick may interfere with the absorption of nutrients and make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. You could be stuffing yourself with food, but if your gut bugs aren’t facilitating proper digestion, you may be missing out on both calories and micronutrients. Celiac disease is just the tip of the malnutrition iceberg; numerous other conditions can interfere with proper digestion and nutrient availability as well.

How the Modern Diet Makes You Fat (And Sick)

Still dreaming of finding a prince "on the Internet"? Well, you have the right. In the meantime, let's talk about users who should not be contacted for sure.

profile image

We live in a terrible time and in social networks : to call me to his desk, a colleague writes in facebook chat: "Masha, come here!" And in passing puts "Laika" to a photo of my dog. I think we will soon forget how to communicate offline. We will give each other virtual gifts, throw links to anecdotes, raise glasses on "Skype". Cruel world! And this I have not yet said a word about how many maniacs and other nerds are trying to get into your "friends" . However, we will talk about them with the psychologist Anna Nazarova further. You can only read and take note.

Former classmate

Usually much, stressedly married . On the page hosts pictures of the spouse, child, car, dacha, mother-in-law. She shares frames with signatures: "I, the 5-star hotel, all inclusive, Kemer, next to Vasya is drinking beer." The second series - pictures from the wedding, on which the bride seems to stand on the palm of the groom. With all this, the former classmate now and then proposes (and, I'm afraid, not only to you) "somehow intersect, for example, with you. You can at night. "

What a soul: "It is possible, all this is a joke, nothing more. And perhaps, the comrade masks beautiful photos with a failed, from his point of view, life, "- explains Anna.

What to expect: If a friend hints that the spouses with children are not at home and it's time for you to retire, just forget. It looks like he likes to have fun at your expense . And it's good if you remember the school years and make each other a pleasant day. But there is a chance that a deeply dissatisfied with his life a classmate will start to pester you. Do you need it? Well, here we are with Anna, we hope not.

A real romantic

If you see a person with a toy heart in his hand , or with a martini glass and a strict eye, or, say, just in a kokoshnik, you know - before you a romantic. To the female characters, he always turns to "You", calls them "Beautiful Ladies." It's easy to point out in the interests of something like the movie "Dirty Dancing". If a foreigner turned to you, wait for the phrase: "Your mother gave birth to you for me."

What kind of soul: Most often, such citizens belong to the cohort of mother's sons . "Either they never separated from the parent mentally, or physically: the mother continues to cook them every morning a semolina with special foam," Nazarova asserts. - As a rule, romantics come from single-parent families or from those where mother plays the first violin. That is, she captured her son and brought up from him a true knight, a real man with all the attributes that she herself lacked from "these dirty, smelly animals." And now the kid grows up a romantic prince. It is not excluded that he writes poetry (in some cases even good ones), and he does not mind kicking on a horse ".

What to expect: First of all, a romantic image. If you still dream of serenades, glances with povolokoy and bunches of roses, then cheers, of course. But keep in mind: God forbid you to love hydrangeas. The prince follows the stereotypes to which he is accustomed: roses - and the point! He plays a role, your destiny - to send him from the balcony of the party of Juliet. All the same, all this is not for you, but for the mother , who, wiping away the tear of emotion, will take care of all the work around the house, the garden and the auto repair shop, in order not to distract the child from the Chief.

Do not count on passionate sex after Reading Byron - this mother did not teach. This is foo. Besides, you know, smells of betrayal: my mother raised her son for her narcissistic needs, and not to give it to the first counter pike. True, the extreme version is also possible: my mother, I'm sorry, went to another world, and you can have sex on your feet, which turns into perverted and insatiable forms (for, as usual, not sex is needed here for a man, and the boy needed the love of his mother in its time).


I think a great sitter died in it. That's how you go to the site, and there - He. In his underpants, against the background of the carpet (His Vorssey) or the stairs, on the toilet - is not it beautiful? Hair he combs with ruff or gloss gel, he looks languidly in the lens, invitingly holds his hand on his underpants . Your sense of beauty is agonizing, and a person considers his photos sexy and seductive.

What a soul: "Very demented self-esteem!" - says Anna. - It's not necessary to laugh, not to be horrified, but to pity a person (just do not get carried away, this is not a reason to call him to visit and cradle on his chest). Sometimes such people are ashamed of their existence . Self-criticism in a person tends to zero, and precisely because he can not let criticism enter consciousness - it will immediately destroy it. "

What to expect: "Let's hope not exhibitionism," says the psychologist. - Such a character by and large has no opportunity to build a full-fledged relationship . He needs constant confirmation of his own importance, and he will do this not only for your account, but also for attracting the attention of others. Most importantly, remember that you are not helping him in this matter. Because in his throwings, he subconsciously turns to his mother and waits for her approval. "

Victim of "Photoshop"

Here from these people I may well have an early gray. I can not even imagine at the barrel of a gun that it drives men who draw their ears, wings, proboscis or - simply and with taste - a huge penis. I had to run for advice to Anna.

What kind of soul: "Yes, anything," assures the psychologist. - I do not want to make a diagnosis on the photo, but usually a normal person is content with his own portrait against the backdrop of the mountains. Or cars. Or wallpaper in a flower. Zarubi on the nose: do not contact a citizen who seriously sees himself in the image of a leopard. Because heat or closeness from him can not wait. " In general, do not be surprised then, if your joint picture suddenly turns into a picture on which you stand next to a huge roll (let the new familiar figure resembles Pinocchio) and portray Pamela Anderson or a pretty bee. Yes, it seems to him that it's so beautiful. Are you against it? Sorry.

What to expect: "As a rule, the attempts of such a specimen to go beyond the ordinary existence do not come from an equalization of a hero like Yuri Gagarin, but from total insecurity in oneself ," Anna says. - So the soul of the character, most likely, is the desire to assert itself. And not even so much for your account (thanks already!), How much at the expense of asserting yourself in the right to life. Most likely, he can achieve this only by introducing himself as someone else. Well, you, probably, in his consciousness will turn into another being. "

Skull, cat, president of the Russian Federation or just a pile of rubbish

You go on the page, and there just a photo. Anything : from the idol of millions to cream cheese. How to react? What to think? In what to suspect ?!

What kind of soul: "Either the person has serious complexes ," our psychologist warns, "or he plays a certain game. And it's good if he understands which one. Okay, if a photo of a gun or a cool car, these symbols are normal for a man. You can even understand on the photo of a rumpled hamster or a dog after washing - apparently, before you a regular visitor of the fashionable in our time resource But all sorts of characters and photos of actors can hide behind themselves any strangeness, you decide to get acquainted closer. "

What to expect: "What you want, but hardly good," Anna is convinced. "Just close this page." Or show your friend for edification - so you can not! "

Now you know the truth! But for sure you have friends who still do not know what's hiding his profile. Do a good deed - tell them about this article by clicking on one of the social icons. networks.

How To Evaluate A Man On the Profile

"What is there to be sick?" It's a bone! "- My favorite joke about headaches and migraines. Nothing explains, but comforts, at least. All about the problems with the "bone" was told by Svetlana Yavorskaya, MD, neurologist, head of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Dizziness at the Clinic "Semeynaya".

Listen to the headache

How does it hurt? 
There is a sense of compression, squeezing - "how the hoop tightened" or "how to squeeze in a vice". Pain is scattered all over the head, although in one side it can be more intense. Sometimes accompanied by a sensation of blood rush and difficulty breathing. Depends on the position of the head, can increase with walking, coughing and laughing, as well as a sudden change in the weather.

"What is there to be sick?" It's a bone! "- My favorite joke about headaches and migraines. Nothing explains, but comforts, at least. All about the problems with the "bone" was told by Svetlana Yavorskaya, MD, neurologist, head of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Dizziness at the Clinic "Semeynaya".

What is it? The pain is caused by an increase in the tone of the scalp. And that - a strain of muscles. Stress is the same - stress or static overload of the neck (for example, during long work at the computer or sitting behind the wheel). The diagnosis is as follows: "tension headache."

How to treat? You yourself probably use painkillers from a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or combined analgesics. The doctor can prescribe a course of muscle relaxants - drugs that relax the muscles. Sometimes you need medications that reduce depression and anxiety.

How does it hurt? 
Strongly, before vomiting. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by drowsiness or dizziness. The discomfort grows in the standing position, when walking, every step "pushes into the head". Very often it is combined with excess weight or visual impairment.

What is it? This pressure is changing. With normal intracranial pressure, the brain "drifts" in the cerebrospinal fluid in the cavity of the skull and is supported by vessels and nerves, like anchors. When the indicators are violated (both with increasing and decreasing), the "tension" of the intracranial structures changes - and discomfort appears.

ATTENTION! Sometimes such pains arise due to brain tumors and intracranial hematomas. So be sure to consult a doctor.

How to treat? First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease - a violation of intracranial pressure. You need a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Medication (or even surgical) treatment will be selected by a doctor.

How does it hurt?
Pulsating pain, usually only on one side of the head. The Aesculapius of Ancient Greece called it hemicrania, which means "half of the head". Now the word was reduced to a vulgar "migraine". It can last up to three days, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, intolerance to light, loud sounds. Sometimes a visual anomaly (aura) can be a harbinger of the appearance of a migraine - you see bright colored rings and stripes or feel a slight tingling all over your body.

What is it? So far no one has answered this question accurately. It is known that the disease is associated with impaired brain function, with which it is not clear. Studies have shown that people exposed to migraines have overactive areas in the trunk of gray matter.

How to treat? For the removal of light attacks use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or combined analgesics. If these drugs do not help - prescribe drugs from the group of triptans, specifically designed to treat migraines. If the seizures are troubled more than three times a month, then without the intervention of a doctor you definitely can not do, you will need to develop a prevention program.

How does it hurt? 
The pain grows gradually. It spreads to the neck, back of the head, whiskey, passes over to the eyes. The forehead seems to be "poured with lead."

What is it? May be evidence of inflammation of the frontal sinuses, neuritis of the first branch of the trigeminal nerve, sinusitis. Even allergies, stress and dental problems can be the cause.

How to treat? Do not engage in self-treatment and see a doctor to clarify the diagnosis: "severe forehead" may be a symptom or precursor of dangerous diseases.

How does it hurt? 
The pain pulsates in the back of the head. It can appear suddenly, two or three times a day, and after a few minutes it disappears without a trace. It is accompanied by a decrease in concentration of attention, dizziness.

What is it? Concussion. Even if the trauma occurred many years ago, it can remind of itself.

How to treat? Usually prescribed painkillers, soothing and hypnotics (mainly in the form of tablets).

How does it hurt? 
Sharp, piercing pain, which strikes like lightning and shoots toward the face. Attacks last for several seconds and follow each other at short intervals. At the time of the attack, an involuntary contraction of facial muscles occurs, and certain areas on the face become hypersensitive. Even touching the cheek provokes a headache.

What is it? Trigeminal nerve. The cause of its inflammation can be some infectious and colds.

How to treat? Exclusively complex: medicines, physiotherapy, reflexotherapy. In especially severe cases - even surgical methods.

How does it hurt? 
The pain begins in the neck and / or back of the neck, rises up the head, sometimes gives in the hand or in the eye. It predominates in one half of the head and is strengthened when turning. Dizziness, nausea and even loss of consciousness are possible.

What is it? This is the so-called headache of a reflected nature, its cause is outside the brain and facial parts. There is an ailment due to changes in the biomechanics of the spine, adjacent ligaments and tendons, due to muscle tension.

How to treat? You need manual and psychotherapy.

A remedy for pain and wrinkles

"To use botulinum toxin for the treatment of headaches became after observing patients who were corrected by facial wrinkles," says Margarita Naprienko, MD, neurologist, headache specialist, consultant to the company "Merz Pharma." - They noted that the aesthetic procedures gave an unexpected, but pleasant side effect. Now botulinum toxin type A is prescribed for severe migraine (more than eight attacks per month), chronic tension headache, combined pain, cervical muscle tension, and also in cases when standard therapy is ineffective.

"What is there to be sick?" It's a bone! "- My favorite joke about headaches and migraines. Nothing explains, but comforts, at least. All about the problems with the "bone" was told by Svetlana Yavorskaya, MD, neurologist, head of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Dizziness at the Clinic "Semeynaya".

The mechanism of action is based on the interruption of the vicious circle: muscle spasm - pain - muscle spasm. After the injection, the muscle simply ceases to contract. The effect, as a rule, occurs within two weeks and lasts for an average of six months. If after this period the seizures come back, they no longer reach the former acuteness, and with the repeated administration of the drug, a smaller dose is required. "

Migraine after Disease

The flu is almost always accompanied by pain in the forehead, temples and superciliary arches in combination with chills and weakness due to fever. If the flu has passed, and the pain has remained is badly. It is possible that it was provoked by a purulent inflammation in the sinuses of the nose. It was necessary to take seriously the treatment of the common cold and timely release the nose from accumulated mucus and viruses. To this end, doctors recommend regular irrigation and irrigation with sea water, which provides anti-inflammatory effect, increases local immunity and significantly relieves you of feelings of discomfort.
"Most often, the forehead and the bridge of the nose hurt during frontaches, and in the case of genyantritis - the area around the eyes," explains Sergei Ryazantsev, professor, doctor of medical science, deputy director of scientific research at the St. Petersburg Institute of Ear, Nose and Throat, expert Institute of Aqua Maris. - Sometimes, the bursting pain increases with pressure or inclination and weakens in a horizontal position. Runny nose may persist, and may not be clearly pronounced, but, as a rule, worried about nasal congestion. With such symptoms it is necessary to contact an ENT specialist, he will send for an additional examination and prescribe antibacterial therapy, washing and other necessary procedures. " Do not be afraid: the sinus punctures are an ancient method, which in our time is practically not applied!
Important! If the headache has appeared recently or has been troubling you for a long time, but has changed its nature and stopped responding to treatment, or if it is combined with a fever, rash, cramps or other alarming symptoms - do not delay the visit to the neurologist!

Pain in menstruation

If you do not know what we're talking about, you're lucky! In general, the problem in the international classification is called: menstrual migraine. According to some reports, every third woman of childbearing age is familiar with it firsthand.
The causes of PMS-migraine, as well as migraines in general, have not yet been reliably established. Any doctor - gynecologist, endocrinologist or even a therapist - will certainly say in an instructive tone something like: "The main reason is a sharp drop in the level of estrogens in the body before the monthly". But how do the sex hormones beat your brain so well? And why do not they beat everyone, but only one in three? No one knows yet. The only thing WHO insists on is that it is necessary to distinguish between menstrual migraines from a simple migraine accidentally fallen on critical days: after all, the methods of treatment will differ.
"Currently, there are three methods of treating menstrual diseases," explains Olga Loginova, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist at the European Medical Center, "lifestyle changes, drug therapy and alternative therapy." The paths leading to your salvation are so simple that sometimes they are hard to believe. But the main problem is that it is difficult for them to follow. For example, Olga Loginova insists that you should:

  1. Sleep at least eight hours a day. And not only during the PMS, but always! Then the head will not so painfully react to hormonal fluctuations.
  2. Do sports or at least do exercises - at least 20 minutes each day. Each! And not just before the menstruation.
  3. Have sex. Let not every day, but still regularly (at least two or three times a week).

If such simple and natural methods will not save you (or you can not follow them), then you need pills. And it's not just about painkillers. "Tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin uptake blockers, and combined oral contraceptives are among the drugs of choice," explains Olga Loginova. Yes, the very contraceptives, which many of us are afraid of out of habit, can not only regulate the demographic situation, but also treat menstrual migraines, and at the same time other symptoms of PMS. You, of course, understand that a specific drug with a therapeutic goal should be selected only by a gynecologist-endocrinologist.
Alternative methods are usually referred to as attempts to compensate for changes associated with a hormonal shock in the second phase of the cycle. Many doctors recommend the use of folic acid (400 mcg per day - from ovulation to the first day of menstruation). Someone is prescribed calcium with vitamin D, magnesium, vitamins E and B6. In any case, the method should be selected individually and after a detailed examination. In the meantime, maybe you'll try to still sleep for eight hours every day?

Diary of health

If you fall with a wild headache on the first day of menstruation or the day before it - there's nothing to think about. But if you have a migraine at least a couple of times a month, then it makes sense to conduct a "migraine diary" and in it to mark, for example, a red felt-tip penis for a month, and for black - the days of migraine. If it is found that pain always attacks the same days of the cycle (for example, in the first and the sixteenth), everything is clear! But if migraine overtakes you in different periods of life (including sometimes against the background of menstruation), then it's not the PMS, and the neurologist will help you sooner than the gynecologist.

Menstrual migraine

Basically a scourge of women with a very clear cycle and a reliable reproductive system. Let this console you! But it happens that menstruation comes irregularly, and even completely disappear, but the head still cracks. "Perhaps the pain is due to the presence of a tumor (in the vast majority of cases of benign) of the hypothalamic-pituitary region of the brain," explains Olga Yatsishina, MD, doctor of the highest category, endocrinologist of the European Medical Center. - This tumor (pituitary adenoma) produces the hormone prolactin. A hyperprolactinemia leads to violations of the menstrual cycle and to infertility. So timely detection and treatment of adenoma will save you from migraines and infertility. And, by the way, from excess weight. "
To get involved in taking painkillers is not necessary: ​​with frequent use, they themselves can cause a so-called abuzusnuyu, or drug-dependent headache.

Who is to blame for the headache?

Sources of headaches are sometimes so far from the skull that it is very difficult to guess the cause-effect relationships. Surely you could not imagine that it's all your fault ...

"What is there to be sick?" It's a bone! "- My favorite joke about headaches and migraines. Nothing explains, but comforts, at least. All about the problems with the "bone" was told by Svetlana Yavorskaya, MD, neurologist, head of the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache and Dizziness at the Clinic "Semeynaya".

... armchair without armrests
"When you type on a computer, your elbows hang freely, not resting on anything. And this is very harmful, - warns Sergei Gauthier, orthopedic traumatologist, manual therapist of the network of medical clinics "Semeynaya". - The fact is that the hands are attached to the skeleton with the clavicle and, as a matter of fact, keep only on the muscles of the neck and shoulders, hang on them. The hand weighs an average of 3-5 kg. The neck muscles are not adapted for such long static loads. Over time, they are overloaded, they can enter a state of spasm. As a result, there is a violation of the outflow of venous blood from the head - here's your headache. Therefore, the main advice: when typing, keep your elbows on the table or armrests of the chair. The sliding shelf for the keyboard in this respect is a dangerous invention. "

... flat feet
It would seem: where are the feet, and where is the crown? "And, nevertheless, these problems are often related," says Sergei Gauthier. - When one foot is flatter than the other, or one falls more inward (valgus deformation), the legs are of different lengths (although it can be unnoticeable with the naked eye). As a result, there is a skew of the pelvis, and then - and the skew of the entire spine. On the one hand, muscles are overextended, and on the other hand, the load is less. This imbalance in some causes pain in the back, and in others - in the head. "

... bezrybe
I thought, you should not always be advised to replace meat with sea bastards? The fact is that sea fish, seafood and algae are the main sources of iodine. And it is necessary for the formation of thyroid hormones. "With a lack of thyroid hormones, fluid retention occurs in the body, a decrease in the contractility of the heart, and the speed of blood flow. This leads to a non-rough edema of the brain membranes, - explains Olga Yatsishina, MD, doctor of the highest category, endocrinologist of the European Medical Center. - There are feelings of heaviness and pain. Most often in the morning, on waking. In addition, hypothyroidism is an important factor in the development of dystrophic changes in the spine - and they, in turn, also provoke a headache. "

Migraine: frequently asked questions

What frequency of attacks of a headache should already be considered a problem and an occasion for the reference to the doctor?

Responds to Vitaly Akimov, MD, neurologist at the European Medical Center:
It depends on the type of ailment. The headache of tension two or three times a week against the background of the emergency is not a catastrophe. She leaves as the rhythm of life normalizes. Migraine twice a month - a lot. It is better to see a doctor. In general, every patient himself determines what is great for him: if you do not want to suffer every three months, do not suffer and do not suffer.

Is it true that sex helps with migraines?

Responds to Olga Loginova, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist EMC:
It is believed that the role of serotonin deficiency in the brain plays a big role in the development of migraine. During sex and especially orgasm, the production of this substance is dramatically increased, which helps to quickly cope with the headache. Only a small percentage of women in the world suffer from migraine after sex, most of it really helps to heal.

What is more harmful: to suffer a headache or take painkillers?

Responds to Vitaly Akimov, MD, neurologist EMC:
I do not need to endure . Most often, the headache is one of the two most common types - tension or migraine. Pain relief is not always necessary for their relief. Sometimes it is enough to lie down in a quiet, darkened quiet place and relax; someone is helped by a change in the situation. And it is possible that you just forgot to eat. If this does not help, then you can take the medicine. There are many over-the-counter and prescription drugs that help with headaches. But we must understand that the "right" remedy will depend on the type of disease, on how often it occurs, on the severity level. Frequent use of pain medication can lead to increased pain. Therefore, the treatment should be selected together with the doctor.

Can I get a headache with massage or manual therapy?

Responds to Sergei Gauthier, an orthopedic traumatologist, manual therapist of the network of medical clinics "Semeynaya":
Before contacting the chiropractor, you need to undergo an examination with a neurologist, if necessary, take an X-ray, an MRI. If it is found that the headache is associated with osteochondrosis, then a competent manual therapist will help more reliably than the course of drugs. About 90% of chronic headaches caused by osteochondrosis can be removed with the help of manual therapy.

Definitely my headaches are associated with osteochondrosis. Will orthopedic mattresses and pillows help me in this case?

Responds to Sergei Gauthier, an orthopedic traumatologist, manual therapist of the network of medical clinics "Family":
If the pain occurs after sleep, I want to believe that this is due to the wrong position of the head and the situation will correct the orthopedic pillows. But it's not so simple. During the day, while you are on the move, the muscles work and get a normal blood supply. During sleep, they pass into a passive mode, because of the deterioration of blood supply they accumulate decay products (lactic acid) and pain occurs. If you have osteochondrosis, no pillow will fix the situation. One should not be lazy and do exercises to stretch the muscles of the neck. The best means is yoga. It combines the most balanced set of exercises for stretching and strengthening. Our task is not to extinguish the pain, but to restore the correct movement in the spine and improve the blood supply to the muscles.

I can not quit smoking. Half a day without a cigarette - and I have terrible headaches. What to choose - a bad habit or a migraine?

Responds to Vladimir Mazulevsky, a psychiatrist-narcologist, head of the Center for Acute Conditions of the Clinic for the Treatment of Addiction EMC:
Most often, the question of physical dependence on nicotine is not worth it. Smoking is a way to structure your time, fill pauses. This is a kind of behavioral ritual. When it changes, the level of anxiety increases, often accompanied by a violation of autonomic functions, hence the pain. Find a healthier way to fill the void. But sometimes smoking is a way to adjust the subdepressive state. That is, you already have it, and it must be treated, but the cigarette masks the problem. If, when giving up smoking, apathy appears and appetite increases, accompanied by weight gain, this is a direct indication for visiting a specialist. You may need to have a psychotherapeutic and medication correction.

When The Head Is Aching

The variety of sports equipment is not a marketing move at all. If you go to aerobics, yoga and dancing, training and a T-shirt you can not do.

As a person who is addicted, I've tried almost all types of training, and as a man "out of fashion", I noticed a sad tendency: many women prefer leggings and stretched t-shirts to comfortable sportswear. For myself, I have long ago deduced the rules of the dress code for fitness. And today I'm ready to share them with you.

The variety of sports equipment is not a marketing move at all. If you go to aerobics, yoga and dancing, training and a T-shirt you can not do.

Rule 1

Do not go to classes in everyday things.

I admit, and somehow I came to the boy's shirt for the first class on ballet. And honestly hated my reflection in the mirror the whole lesson. Considering smart girls in gaiters and body, I was thinking about where you can buy such equipment.

The next lesson I was going to as a date, trying on all the T-shirts, tops and sweatshirts available in the wardrobe for a long time. But that's bad luck - they all definitely did not fit. Then on the side of the bow, then a lot of sequins, then the cutout is deep. Finally I found a T-shirt with a picture of flying ballerinas Matthew Williamson and realized that her finest hour had come. And here I am again at the bench: a supermodern T-shirt treacherously lifts up ... It does not get me into classes.

Rule 2

Thoroughly choose things.

And here is another story. In the fitness club I wore notorious leggings and a T-shirt, which, as it turned out on the spot, was short for me. All the time I stayed in the hall, I had the feeling that I forgot to wear a skirt. But suddenly, a savior passed by me: a girl in a Cat Woman suit. Her black tight overall caught the attention of even the staff, and I felt better. So learn from my mistakes. Before you leave home, make sure that when you jump, run, bend and do flies, nothing will distract from the process.

Be aware, the clothes should be elastic, because during the training you are sure to make sharp attacks and stretching. Even pay attention to the ability of the tissue to remove moisture, especially during intense training. After consulting with specialists, I chose a form from the fabric of Dri-Fit. It does not accumulate moisture and leaves the body relatively dry (unlike your favorite cotton T-shirt with Sponge Bob). Choose light clothing and watch that it does not rub your skin. Seamless technology zones for ventilation - one of the innovations of this season.

Sneakers should not stitch the foot. Make sure that they provide a natural movement, allow all muscles to work and create the feeling that you are practicing barefoot. When choosing a form, remember that bright colors give vivacity and improve mood.

Rule 3

Clothes for dancing and yoga are dealt with by specialized brands, and ideally the equipment should be looked for from them.

I will remember again about the attitude. Where, where, and in the classroom with oriental dances, he definitely will not be lost. Bright tops, skirts with flounces, golden shoes, flashy make-up - that's equipment for the fan of the ball-dans. If you prefer modern dances, then choose the outfit more modestly: no heels and cosmetics, but multilayered clothing, gaiters and special soft shoes.

The variety of sports equipment is not a marketing move at all. If you go to aerobics, yoga and dancing, training and a T-shirt you can not do.

The professional choreographer explained to me the purpose of such ammunition. The layered outfit perfectly warms up the muscles, and during the dance you can gradually take it off. This can be a swimsuit, overalls, shorts, trousers, something from "warm-up" clothes, for example a seamless jacket, sleeves or leggings. The basis of the dancer's wardrobe is a ballet tights, which is put on down. It is desirable that it had microfiber for elasticity and softness. Plus there is a specially designed kind of nylon fabric, absorbing moisture, - Microlux. The correct tights can withstand numerous rehearsals, so forget about pantyhose in class.

With yoga, too, everything is not easy. "Best clothes for practical use are made from natural fabrics: organic cotton and fibers, which are found in combination with other materials. In such clothes, the body breathes freely and moves, "says the owner of NYM Yoga centers Katia Kushner. From myself I want to add that it is better to choose quiet natural colors for the lesson, which contribute to the correct attitude. Here just the brightness to anything, so that clothes with prints under Khokhloma is unlikely to be appropriate.

Rule 4

Pay attention to details and accessories.

Believe me, pleasant little things that add comfort during training, will make your sport more productive and increase the desire to improve.

How To Choose Sportswear?

There are ladies on whom you look and are surprised: always in motion, do ten cases in parallel and - the most unpleasant - everyone is in time. What is this special form of life? The awl in the ass? No, alas, to turn into a girl-energojzera awla will not help you, it generally has nothing to do with it. But our advice and training is easy.

Check with the hour

There is nothing supernatural about the fact that energy (and, therefore, efficiency) jumps during the day. As in any other living organism, something is constantly changing in you. The level of hormones, blood pressure and even body temperature. Let and it is absolutely insignificant, but all the same. Such changes in the nature and intensity of the processes occurring in you are called the biological rhythm. Under it, you can, first, adjust. Better yet, it can even be adjusted to achieve improved physiological performance and clarity of thinking, when (and if) you need them. But first you need to study your biorhythm.

In the morning you are full of energy, and after lunch you literally fall asleep? Calm is normal.

7:30 Lift my eyelids
Within the first half hour after awakening, your reactions and thought processes are slightly slowed down. The reason for this - a low level of cortisol, which "kicks" you in stressful situations. His rise will remove the shroud from his eyes. The main thing - do not forget to have breakfast. Otherwise, the level of the hormone will rise too high, and you will become extremely unpleasant - nervous and irritable.

8:00 - 12:00 Working noon
The energy that comes with breakfast activates the neurotransmitters of the brain, improving the communication between its cells. Simply put, right now - between breakfast and lunch - activity is at its peak (not the highest for the whole day, and yet). To squeeze out of this state a maximum, take on tasks that require critical thinking: appoint in the morning business meetings, carry out transactions. A routine such as filling in papers or searching the Internet for compromising on its former leave on the decline of activity.

12:00 - 17:00 Siesta
Spaniards are fixated not only on sangria and paella. A quiet hour also deserves their friendly "Ole!". After lunch, the body for some reason throws a portion of the melatonin sleep hormone into the blood, and you begin to peck with your nose. Do not fall asleep completely and irrevocably will help daylight and fresh air. For example, a 20-minute walk to the nearest coffee shop and back.

17:00 - 20:00 The last spurt
Now - the highest peak of your activity, since morning. The organism as though hints: finish with work and at last borrow or occupy in private life. Well, what - follow the advice. Why argue with a wise organism?

20:00 - 6:30 The exciting moments
Closer to the night, you go through a cycle of changing states. Then suddenly excited and, it seems, ready to cocks (or whoever is waking you up) to chat with a friend on the phone, then suddenly start yawning and reach for the pillow. As a result, melatonin, of course, will prevail and wish you good night.

Hear It All - Find Your Biorhythm

There are fewer and fewer people who go to hurdles today: what is the point, if the majority personally participate in a similar competition five days a week? Traffic jams, gloomy faces, static poses - watches held in captivity of a car, bus or train on their way to and from work, do not make earthlings cheerful or healthier. However, you can win even in this quest.

"The number of people who used to spend an hour before work, and now - one and a half or more, has increased dramatically in recent years," noted Alan Pisarsky, analyst, road problems researcher and author of the report "The Road from Home to Work." - The traffic jams and the global economic crisis are to blame for all, or, to be more precise, its consequences - unemployment and a disgusting situation in the housing market. Some were forced to agree to at least some work on the opposite end of the city, others had to move from a decent quarter to the god-forgotten areas in order to save on renting an apartment. And the average urban resident began spending on the road from home to office and back at best two hours a day, or 19 days a year! "

Alan was embarrassed to call things by their proper names, and we are not accustomed to: 19 days is more than we spend on family dinners, in the arms of loved ones or in the gym. God be with him, with fitness - worse another: daily collisions with mediocre drivers and the struggle for a free place in public transport are formed into chronic fatigue - the one that dulls all human feelings and the very desire to live. As an eternally dissatisfied mother-in-law, the road routine drives you into stress, negatively affects your personal life and provokes health problems. And more news: the female psyche of the burdens of displacement in space, it turns out, affect more than the male. Do not wait until the inner voice tells you to kill the driver of the minibus, and try to make friends with time on the road. They say that there are people,

The rules for fighting stress at the wheel

Everyone who has ever been caught in a traffic jam - especially with a full bladder - knows how little that is pleasant. Hysterical whistles, brainless pedestrians, the sonorous voice of the chief in the mobile phone - this is enough to turn gray before the time, and it does not matter whether you drive yourself or drive through the crowded streets in the trolleybus. But the worst thing, as the psychologist Vitaliy Karpukhin assures, is the inability to predict the course of events. "Stress occurs when you do not know how long the road will take to the destination," the expert said. "Therefore, stuck in a traffic jam, you are especially keenly aware that you are trapped, while someone quietly walks on their own or goes by metro." You have only seven ways not to go insane in insane traffic.

Follow the road
"Take the fact that the traffic is inevitable, since you are working in a big city," advises Tim Lomax, chief engineer of the Texas Transport Research University. "But in order to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, take the rule to check the condition of traffic congestion before leaving and have several alternate routes and modes of transport in stock."

Change your way
The habit of going to work by the beaten path from year to year, without changing the route and without straining the brains, inevitably gives a sense of running around in a circle. Turn off your autopilot at least a couple of times a week: finding a new road to the old office will not only provide food for the mind, but also make the routine trip more interesting.

Spending time with the mind
Girls tend to keep several tasks in their heads at the same time (pick up the shoes from the repair, turn the turn signal, fix the bangs, give a horn to the taxi driver), thereby shaking their own emotional state and increasing the risk of getting into an accident. But since you're bored just watching the mirrors and twisting the steering wheel, make an exception in favor of your favorite tunes (just select the wave and create a playlist in advance so as not to be distracted from the road). For public transport passengers, this advice is also relevant: a recent study conducted by PLoS ONE magazine showed that music makes it easier to carry long-distance trips. People who have cheerful tracks on their headphones are less likely to engage in skirmishes with skinheads and rush into the train.

Think about quality
The movement around the city and along the highway is not only distinguished by the consumption of gasoline. "Stop-go-stop" is the most unpleasant of all driving modes, because the infinite switching between the brake and the gas increases the physical and moral tension. And although a trip around the city is usually a short distance travel, such driving does not bring psychological satisfaction and all the more joy. "Rushing for an hour and a half 130 kilometers is much more pleasant than 90 minutes in convulsions to make their way through three quarters," says your old friend Alan Pisarsky. Do not be afraid to make a route longer than usual, where traffic lights, tram tracks and zebras with schoolchildren will not irritate you, and you will see that the road will cease to seem so dreary.

Wei nest
Use every free minute on the road to relax and relieve tension. You can sneer as much as you like over the aunts who are knit in the subway or carpet the photos of the kittens, but monotonous studies and a fleeting look at pleasant things do give them the right emotional charge and the strength to reach their goals.

Think Traditions
Take the rule of starting the day with something pleasant - for example, with a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe. Such cute rituals will provide you with a favorable attitude and will be a reward for the exhausted psyche.

Look for benefits
Swiss economists have calculated that those who get to work at least an hour, earn 40% more than those who live near the office. Perhaps the phenomenon is related to the fact that distraught managers do not go home at all in order not to lose time, but this is not about that. Your way from home to work and back will surely cease to seem hard labor if you present a mountain of bags and shoes that you can buy, since you are 40 percent richer than you expected. If your boss stubbornly ignores the hints of scientists, try to look for other delights. Maybe your post is so beautiful, what is the road torture? Or, thanks to traffic jams, did you finally learn French?

Warm up for a motorist

Do not be very happy if someone gave you a seat on the bus: according to doctors, a prolonged stay in a sitting position can provoke pain in the neck and back. And if the passengers of public transport can at least stand up and warm up, the girls behind the wheel are few.

  • Relax your neck

Comfortable position of the head - the most important, if you intend to spend a couple of hours behind the wheel. Concentrating on the road, do not lean forward, but conveniently arrange the hair on the headrest. First, it will help to avoid pain in the neck, and secondly, this position of the head is considered the safest, happen accident.

  • Lean back

Do not slide down - this increases the tension of the vertebral discs. But do not straddle strictly upright, leaning on the steering wheel. The most comfortable position - to sit, slightly leaning on the back of the seat.

  • Repeat bends

To remove tension from the lumbar region, fold a towel (scarf, unbound sweater, running past the cat) and lay it in the empty space between the lower part of the seat back and your soft spot.

Get Rid Of Stress At The Wheel

A man tries not to remember this, but you do not forget. So, he wanted you, but he could not back up the desires with actions. And, most sad, it's not the first time with you.

It's one thing, when a little unstable turned out to be a minor in your bed character. Nobody will condemn, if you do not begin to conduct intimate conversations with him, spare his self-esteem and answer the calls. Quite the opposite - if the problems with an erection were overtaken by a man whom you seriously consider your half, and children are called dad. We believe that you do not agree with humbleness of sex forever. Then say thank you to Women's Health: we collected all the scientific data on erectile dysfunction and realized what should and should not be done by a woman who wants to help her partner cope with intimate problems.

According to WHO, 150 million men in the world suffer from erectile dysfunction

To begin with, make sure that you do not dramatize and that there is something wrong with your man. "The term" erectile dysfunction ", which physicians usually replace the vulgar" impotence ", has a clear definition, - recalls the senior lecturer of the Department of Urology MGMSU, Cand. Alexander Bernikov. - This is the inability to achieve an erection or complete sexual intercourse for three consecutive months, regardless of the age of the man . Stress, discord in the family, trauma or illness can be the reason that a person in a certain period of life or from time to time can not achieve an erection. But only if this condition lasts more than three months, it should be regarded as a dysfunction. "

If in your bedroom everything is exactly as described by the doctor, one reason for joy is nevertheless: lethargy of the penis, whatever the reasons it may be caused, is perfectly treatable. The main problem, perhaps, is to drag a man to the doctor. "I often see patients who, before appearing in my office, for years, or even decades, lived with erectile problems," the urologist Alexander Bernikov mourns. - Excuses are always standard: "It's just stress, you need to rest - and everything will pass", "I'm already too late to have sex," "I do not want anyone to know about my difficulties." Needless to say, for years these men and their companions were not happy, although it would be possible to solve the problem with modern methods of treatment at the first consultation. " The conclusion begs one: do not want to grow old in anticipation of the night of love - act,

Error 1. Search for problems in his head

And you, and 80% of men are sure that the lack of an erection has purely psychological reasons and it's enough to knock out a bigger salary (or to marry a student, or go to Fiji), how everything will turn up at once. In fact, only 20% of cases require psychotherapy, and the vast majority of men suffer from trivial disorders in the vascular system that interfere with a full sexual life. And the condition of the vessels, alas, did not improve the dance by a pole or a frank conversation.

Error 1. Search for problems in his head

Mistake 2. Blame yourself all

Each unsuccessful attempt to raskochegarit man in bed produces complexes not only in his head. "I'm already 28 - it's clear, the old woman does not excite him," - even the most confident girls visit bad thoughts about themselves. At such moments it is useful to remember that the violation of blood supply to the penis and, as a consequence, problems with erection are the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, love for fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle. Only if you taught him to drink and be lazy, you can sprinkle ashes on his head.

Error 3. Blaming the whole man

Sex is especially good after a fight, but if the scandal broke out because of sex, you can not count on success. On the other hand, when sexual hormones are bubbling in the blood, and discharge does not happen, especially want to shout something evil, like: "I knew it: you have someone! And then go to her! "But it's better for you to keep silent: a man who can not justify himself for his powerlessness should not justify himself in treason. So, you know, not far and to the problems with erection, caused by psychogenic factors.

Mistake 4. Give up sexual intercourse

Inactivity is detrimental to sexual health, and avoiding intimate contact for fear of disappointment is the worst thing to do. Deliver to each other the pleasure of men and women, fortunately, can even with difficulties with erection. In the end, the time of treatment can be a chance for couples to try something new, to show imagination and even revive an intimate life.

Mistake 5. Focus on sex

By forcing a man to consult with specialists, do not focus on the fact that you are worried about the lack of an intimate life or your relationships themselves. From a medical point of view, erectile dysfunction is just a symptom of serious problems in the human vascular system and a signal that a stroke, a heart attack and other deadly pathologies have already chosen their prey. Therefore, in conversation it is more important to emphasize that you are concerned about the health of a loved one, and an erection is so, ugh!

Mistake 6. Panic

Erectile dysfunction is curable in the vast majority of cases, but sometimes it takes time to choose a method of treatment or concentration of drugs. Do not panic if an hour after the visit to the doctor the man did not attack you with a wild beast - just once again support him in an uneasy decision to discuss his problem with a specialist.

Comment of a doctor-sexologist, psychotherapist:
"Erectile dysfunction is just a symptom that will tell a specialist about the somatic and psychogenic problems of a person. And to make the diagnosis of "no erection" is as strange as, for example, "fever" instead of "pneumonia." If, during masturbation, the degree of hardness is sufficient to enter and the patient even has morning erections at least sometimes - this clearly demonstrates the safety of the body component. Such a man does not need the treatment of a urologist or an endocrinologist - it is the prerogative of a sexologist who "works" both with what is above the belt and with what is lower. The specialist will help to prevent the development of the syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure or to outline the ways of treatment. The problem is sometimes solved in just one step, when the doctor explains the mechanisms of this disorder, corrects the settings and gives clear recommendations to the couple.

6 Of Your Mistakes With His Impotence

Here's the news: green tea is good not only for brewing. Get to know him more closely and use it safely not only for the purpose.

If you ever went to a decent tea shop, you probably noticed that there are about one million kinds of green tea sold there. Despite the fact that they all "grew up" from one bush of camellia Chinese (Camellia sinensis), the final taste and aroma of the drink depend on where the leaf that floated in your cup grew, and what was done with it before he got there .

Six months from the time of production are kept stocks of antioxidants in green tea.
All About Green Tea

Green tea, unlike black and oolong tea, is not fermented, so it contains much more useful, tasty and beautiful antioxidants of catechins. Especially recommend epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which increases attention, enhances resistance to ultraviolet radiation and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer.

An interesting fact is that in Asia green tea is not only drunk, but is also added to food. Not only because of the taste and health benefits, but also because it increases the rate of fat burning, and this is the third reason to include it in the diet. We also believe that green tea is an excellent natural ingredient, flavor and color. Therefore, let us tell you what the six popular varieties of this drink differ from each other and how to prepare them correctly.


Leaves in production are rubbed into powder, which you drink from the cup along with the decoction. Thanks to this you get more antioxidants than from other varieties of the drink. One cup of tea match on the content of different "utilities" equated to ten cups of ordinary green tea (!). This drink contains a lot of chlorophyll, for which it was beautifully nicknamed "jade".
Taste: full of herbal.
Recipe: add a teaspoonful of powder to a smoothie cocktail or sprinkle with vanilla ice cream. A noble bitterness will set off the sweetness of dessert.


In 1920, the Japanese decided to fry the stale tea and see what would come of it (do not throw away the good). So horseradish variety appeared unromantic. The leaves are fried or baked until they turn brown and give away most of the caffeine contained in them.
Taste: nutty, with a haze.
Recipe: mix any fruit juice and icy gadzich tea in a 1: 1 ratio. This cocktail contains almost no caffeine, so even children can drink it in liters. In addition, gedzicha will dilute the sweetness of the juice and reduce its calorie content.

The Well of the DragonThe Well of the Dragon

It is better to cook this variety in glassware to admire how the tea leaves elegantly turn into leaves and buds. And do not forget that the drink contains vitamin C, amino acids and a whole bunch of catechins, and therefore has rejuvenating and cleansing properties.
Taste: soft, chestnut.
Recipe: cut freshly cut fresh leaves, mix with olive oil. Scrunch this piece of baked chicken and immediately eat it. The tea ingredient of the dish will relieve your body of toxins and toxins.


The Japanese drink it more often than other drinks and are lovingly called "spider paws". When brewing, it stains the water in a golden green color, and the tea leaves look like long and thin legs of a spider - you can not imagine anything more beautiful! Sencha is perfect for almost any dish. At the same time, drink it preferably without sugar, to feel a sweet aftertaste. This tea can be brewed two or three times, but the best taste - after the first brew. Refreshes and quenches thirst, so it is suitable for gatherings in the heat.
Taste: soft, sweet.
Recipe: whisk in a blender 300 grams of forest berries, 1 teaspoon of honey, a sprig of mint, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a cup of brewed strained cold sencha tea.
Kokeicha, "tea from sticks"

Kokeicha, "tea from sticks"Kokeicha, "tea from sticks"

It is done in a cunning way - from the stems of a tea bush with the addition of sea water and algae - and is considered more refined than a leaf drink. Rich in iodine and trace elements, it contains a lot of fluoride. The Japanese even use a powder of kokeich tea for cleaning their teeth.
Taste: light, soft, with woody notes.
Recipe: Prepare the marinade for fish or seafood (mix the juice of a couple of lemons, 6 tablespoons of white wine, a pinch of nutmeg, salt, pepper and finely chopped dill) and add a couple of teaspoons of the kakeich tea. This "spice" is most like "halibut and scallop. Their sweetish taste, seasoned with tea with a barely perceptible shade of algae, becomes more balanced.


In production, the tea leaves are first fried in a pan, and then rolled into balls. Now this is basically an automated process, but the most expensive types of ganpowder are still folded manually. The common name for this tea was given to the English (gunpowder in translation from English - "gunpowder"), the Chinese call it more romantic - Pearl.
Taste: rich, tart.
Recipe: with gankpoderom well prepare the famous Moroccan tea. For three servings take 1 tablespoon ganpaudera, 10 sprigs of mint (preferably fresh), 2 tablespoons of sugar. Pour it all boiling water, drink in a pleasant company and understand why Moroccans drink this drink from morning till night.

All About Green Tea