12 plus training with dumbbells

Do you still think that "pulling" loads - so-so occupation for fragile girls? Then it's time for you to find out what a properly planned load is capable of.

Do not you need impressive biceps and triceps? Okay, no one insists. However, this is not a reason to completely abandon the strength training, experts say. Exercises with weights, bars and other weighting agents beat not only fat in the abdomen, but also stress, reduce the likelihood of heart problems and cancer. Not to mention the fact that with their help, your bends will look better in a swimsuit. Despite all this, only 15% of women perform strength exercises at least twice a week. You have at least 12 reasons to join this elite club.

1. Lose 40% more fat

Until now, many believe that cardio is a universal catalyst for combating sediments in problem areas. But scientists from the University of Pennsylvania do not think so. They conducted an experiment: one group of weight loss for several months received only aerobic load, the other - and aerobic, and power in equal parts.
As a result, each of the participants lost an average of 9 kg. With one but: those who rocked lost 2.5 kg of fat more than people from the first group. The latter burned not only deposits, but also muscle mass, and "pitching" - only that the body does not need. By the way, the dropped weight of fat can quickly return if the muscles do not receive the necessary load simultaneously with the diet.

2. Burn many calories

Back home from the gym, you can stick yourself to the couch and reduce the activity to leafing through the book pages. But this will not stop the process of burning calories. The fact is that muscle fibers need additional energy to recover after an anaerobic load.
As shown by experiments, after intensive training for the whole body, in which there were at least three strength exercises, the metabolism is accelerated for a period of 39 hours. Add to this the costs in the gym. For example, a set of eight movements (about 8 minutes) is a loss of 159 to 231 kcal.

3. The figure will find bends

Tightened and pumped up body looks much more attractive than just thin. In addition, sad as it may, with age, muscle tissue is replaced by fat. If the process is not under control, it will hurt at the waist: one kilogram of fat by volume is 18% more than one kilogram of muscle.

4. Become friendlier

Learn to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you can not only with the help of yoga. The recipe in the article: people who do strength training three times a week, are less prone to outbursts of anger and are generally more in a good mood.

5. Strengthen the bones

As you know, with age, the skeleton becomes more fragile, the risk of fractures increases. But you can take care of the durability of the bones in advance. How - you probably already guessed. During 16 weeks of strength training, the density of the femur and the content of bone protein in the osteocalcin are increased by 19%.

6. Improve the effect of diet

At the University of Pittsburgh, an experiment was conducted with 169 obese people. Observations showed that subjects who did not take classes at least three hours a week ate more than 1500 kcal per day allowed by the diet. By the way, feedback is also possible: those who snacked harmful snacks, often sabotaged the trip to the gym. Fitness plus adherence to the diet - a couple that keeps you afloat: it's a pity to quit something, otherwise the whole result will go wrong.

7. Coping with stress

Often work in the gym - and life's difficulties will be at all. This is not a game of words, but the truth of life. Those who are engaged in a lower level of the stress hormone in the blood compared to the lethargic. In addition, in people with good muscle mass, the pressure after stress quickly returns to normal.

8. You will get a cardio effect

Do not forget that "cardio" is not a purely aerobic exercise. Circuit training with the use of weights automatically increases the heart rate by 15 beats per minute. This is more than doing, say, a normal run. So, strength exercises not only strengthen muscles, but also work with the cardiovascular system no worse than aerobic ones.

9. Your heart will be healthier

Specialists at the University of Michigan found that people who for two months three hours a week performed weight training for all muscle groups, reduced their diastolic (lower) blood pressure by 8 points. This is enough to reduce the risk of stroke by 40% and the heart attack by 15%.

10. Increase the efficiency

Do you dream about moving forward or at least about the praise of a strict boss? Then read carefully: the productivity of participants in one of the studies was increased by 15% on those days when they were training. Now consider: it turns out that on the day of classes you are able (theoretically) in eight hours to do everything that at other times you would have taken 9 hours and 12 minutes. Or, say, you can work out your stable nine hours, but do more. In addition, after training, job duties are more inspiring - yes, yes, it is also proved by scientists.

11. You will live longer

The University of South Carolina found that comprehensive strength training reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Other scientists have found that those who in middle age pumped themselves strong muscles, can survive up to 85 years without serious illness.

12. Become smarter

Yes, we somehow already wrote about this and are ready to repeat: the muscles are strengthened not only by the body, but also by the mind. Brazilian scientists have established that six months of training with weights increased the ability of subjects to absorb information. Exercises affect both short-term and long-term memory, and they also improve speech skills and concentration of attention.

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