Healthy Legs Step By Step

Every step taken in uncomfortable shoes brings you closer to the problems with your legs. To avoid them, start taking care of yourself now.

In all to blame for the heels?

"Diseases of the feet, knees, pelvis can become a payoff for wearing high heels," says Loraine Jones, president of the Association of British Manual Therapists. Osteoarthritis, varicose veins, inflammation of the leg muscles, Sherman's disease (change of posture), headaches ... Some of these diseases are directly related to high heels, to some flat foot. By the way, only 3% of people have it congenital, in most cases problems arise from shoes. But if the cause of so many diseases was so simple, the doctors would have been left without work for a long time.

In all to blame for the heels?

42% of women are ready to wear shoes rubbing their toes if they consider them beautiful.

Causes of leg pain

Trivial, but true: genetics is the main reason you can face leg problems . The second is anatomy. And the female half a priori in the risk group: our heels are narrower (read unstable), and the joints are more fragile than men. Violations of the menstrual cycle and constant restrictions in fatty foods (on what diet are you sitting now?) Lead to a decrease in bone mass, that is, increase the risk of fracture.

Just imagine that even heels in 2-3 cm more than 20% increase the pressure on the foot, 5 cm - this is 57% over the usual load, 8 cm -76%. Under such pressure, the toes are pressed forcefully into the narrow nose of the shoe, which in time can lead to their curvature and the appearance of cones, which are completely eliminated only surgically.

How to choose the right shoes

Remember that the bend of your foot is as unique as the proportions of your face. Therefore, the long search for comfortable shoes is normal. No, we do not advise you to clog your wardrobe with felt boots. When going shopping, remember the following:
  1. When a person stands on the ground, his foot rests on three points: on the heel bone and on the first and fifth metatarsal bones. Presented? This position should be preserved in shoes.
  2. It is important that you can move your fingers freely even in tight shoes. To bet on the fact that they are carried out is incorrect.
  3. You already know that in the evening your legs swell. Try to choose and buy shoes in the second half of the day, so that it certainly fit.

To not hurt your legs

  • Try not to walk on 5-centimeter (and higher!) Heels longer than four hours in a row. If you still had to, at the end of the day, put an ice on the ankle - it will relieve swelling.
  • Do not be lazy to put orthopedic insoles into shoes on a flat sole: this is additional depreciation. For shoes with heels, buy gel pads - you can find them in any pharmacy.

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