What Pollutes The Air in The House ?

What Pollutes The Air in The House?

If you think that at home you can certainly breathe in full, you must disappoint - hardly. Polluters in your apartment is not less, or even more than on the street.

What Pollutes The Air in The House ?
What Pollutes The Air in The House ?

In 80% of cases, we are exposed to pesticides at home, when we walk barefoot on the unwashed floor.

Of course, the exhausts of cars, factory fumes and the smoke of strolling smokers lie in wait for us mostly outside. But, unfortunately, enjoy the clean air in the room is also difficult. Studies show that things that are familiar to us, like candles, printers and even shoes, can release hazardous substances. However, there is also good news: it will not be necessary to change an apartment to a tent in the forest. Just follow our advice to make the breathing system easier.


Yes, their light brings comfort, and a kind of romantic flair, but by lighting a paraffin candle you do a lot of damage to your health. Researchers at the State University of South Carolina found that these so sweet to most women gizmos give off chemicals that can cause neurological problems, liver disease and even leukemia. Moreover, the candles are a source of burnt and soot harmful to the lungs and heart tissue.

HOW TO CLEAN THE AIR: If you believe that the light of a modern sconce will spoil all romance (although we do not think so), buy candles from soybean wax - they melt more slowly and secrete considerably less burning. And give up flavored varieties - they harm even more.


He not only prints out documents, but also disperses microparticles of ink, toner and ozone. And those, in turn, irritate the lungs. Recent studies by Australian scientists have shown that one third of all printers produced in the world are strongly emittered emitters. Do not you know what this is? But Australian researchers and we are aware of: heavily doped emitters in a single day produce a continuous flow of about the same amount of harmful particles as 10 cars in a traffic jam.

HOW TO CLEAN THE AIR: Install the printer in a well-ventilated place and try to stay away from it for a long time (this applies to both the home and the office). Give preference to black-and-white printouts, because colored ink emits more toxic substances. You can check whether your printer is on the list of heavily doped emitters on the website of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health Research.qut.edu.au/ilaqh/


Gray flakes along the skirting boards and under the bed are full of pollen and your dead cells. And they are also the first step in the food chain for dust mites and other insects (yes!), And in addition fertile soil for reproduction of mold (yes-yes!). All this is the cause of the headache (in the literal sense of the word) in women prone to allergies.

What Pollutes The Air in The House ?
What Pollutes The Air in The House?

HOW TO CLEAN THE AIR: Once a week, vacuum cleaner floors and even more carpets. The rest of the surfaces should be wiped with a rag soaked in water - many spray cleaners, especially those with odor, contain substances that are harmful to the lungs. Once a month, skip the bedding (pillows, blankets, mattresses) through hot drying. The heat will kill any dust mite.

Outdoor shoes

When you cross the threshold of the house, you certainly bring dirt and earth to your shoes, boots or shoes (we are silent about boots in winter - they are entirely in reagents). Paths and lawns can be covered with lead dust, paint stains, fertilizers or animal excrements - and all this sticks to your soles. By the way, according to the research of the US Environmental Protection Agency, in 80% of the cases we are exposed to pesticides at home, when we walk barefoot on the unwashed floor.

HOW TO CLEAN THE AIR: Thoroughly wipe your feet before the door. The hardest mat of coconut fiber is best. Ideally, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. Keep it in a closed place or put it on a special stand near the entrance.


Compressed wood - chipboard or fiberboard - a sawdust connected by glue and synthetic resins. The material is, of course, cheap, but can provide formaldehyde - a preservative and a potential carcinogen that causes rashes, nausea and even asthma attacks, and also has a negative effect on the reproductive system.

HOW TO CLEAN THE AIR: Ventilate and again ventilate. And better put a fan at the window, it will speed up the air circulation and clean the room in minutes. An alternative is furniture from solid wood. Especially this applies to the kitchen and bathroom environment - humidity provokes the release of various substances. If the money is currently difficult, choose furniture from pressed plywood, which is considered less harmful.

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