Your Face After The Party

Tobacco smoke, sleepless nights and overeating, tons of makeup and styling ... Do not be scared - WH knows how to celebrate holidays with minimal losses for your beauty.

We struggle with lacks of a skin

"Unbalanced nutrition, fatty foods and alcohol instantly activate oxidative, that is, oxidative processes. Cells of the epidermis are more slowly dividing, which means that they do not update so quickly and do not have time to fight free radicals, which destroy the protective barrier of the skin. They do not cope with the timely withdrawal of toxins and decomposition products.

The result is a dull complexion, irritation and a rash of all kinds, "says Tatiana Muratova, manager of Darphin brand training. We, of course, can advise you to come to a New Year's party without make-up, drink non-alcoholic cocktails and eat only dishes cooked for a couple. But then you can hate us, so do whatever you want. And if you follow our recommendations, everything will be fine.

 Your Face After The Party

Pale skin
The most active skin is renewed and restored when you sleep. But if you do not get enough sleep, or even do not go to bed a few nights in a row, she has a hard time. And she tries to let you understand this by her appearance - pallor. A mild scrub, for example, Révélation from Daniele de Winter, will help. Even if you leave the remedy for only a few seconds for ten, the small abrasive particles and fruit acids that make up it will instantly supply blood to your face, giving you a blush and fresh look.

The shed face
A part of the calories that you are happily absorbing at the New Year's table will "settle" somewhere in the waist and hips, while the other, however regrettable, will change your face. Sweet alcoholic cocktails and spicy dishes that promote puffiness, also do not add to the person "sculpture". Mix lemon juice with a glass of cold water and take a clean tissue napkin. As follows, soak it with this mixture and make a ten-minute compress, followed by an easy acupressure with your fingertips.

"Citrus has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and cold water reduces edema," explains Helen Marmur, a dermatologist and plastic surgeon from New York. Another option is a tissue mask for the face. Such are many brands. WH especially liked the Exstretch Mask from Menard, which must be impregnated with a special serum - you will find it in the package. Another good option - actively moisturizing The Hydrating Facial from La Mer.

Consider that this is your punishment for unwashed makeup. First, apply to the inflamed areas a means for acupressure (this may be the Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment gel from Clinique), then mask the imperfections with a corrector. If you want the concealer to last longer, choose the means to care for the problem skin matte texture. Just such a Mandarin Paste from Matis. Apply the corrector with a special brush and choose the remedy for a darker skin tone - it will better mask the flaws (then you'll powder the spots that have formed, and they will become invisible). We recommend Creamy Concealer from Bobbi Brown: its color palette is as many as 14 tones.

If you have eaten a tasty meal and drank a lot, even your baby will envy your dream. Interesting thing: people who go to sleep drunk, all night behave very quietly and practically do not move. If you've ever been one of them, you probably know that after such a night in the morning on the face there are some incomprehensible and useless creases. To get rid, fortunately, from them is not so difficult. When you apply your daily care products, do it with active massage movements - alternate point and stroking. This will remove excess fluid and tighten the skin of the face.

Against the tired eyes

The causes of your troubles are the same: passive smoking, alcohol, nedosyp. Buried capillaries are quite natural phenomenon for the first numbers of January. Remember the eye drops, they relieve irritation, allergic reactions and fatigue. And that the redness was not so noticeable, put light pearl shadows (we chose Color Infaillible, shade 02 "Beige Comet" from L'Oréal Paris) to the inner corner of the century.

Another, much more common problem, is swelling. Their nature is clear and clear - binge dilates the blood vessels. "During the holidays, keep your eye cream in the fridge. So it will work better and quickly eliminate swelling, "- advises beautician Grett Monahan, the owner of the salon in Boston.

Restoring the hair!

When yesterday you made yourself a luxurious styling with a fleece, using foam and varnish, I hardly thought about how to untangle my hair in the morning. But in vain. Buy in advance funds to facilitate combing. For example, the brand Paul Mitchell has a special air-conditioning spray Lite Detangler. It is interesting that it can be applied both to clean wet, and to dry curls.

If the product seems to you too expensive, try the daily spray-conditioner "Against fragility" from Elsève. Misused? Already good. But what if there is no time to wash your hair? Take the hairspray, "fields" to them with the same enthusiasm with which it did yesterday, and dry it for a few seconds with a hairdryer. And then lift the hair at the roots. The alcohol contained in the varnish absorbs the fat and adds the hair of the volume.

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