Coaching in pairs

In search of the best equipment for training it is useful to use the phone. No, not in an attempt to replace them with dumbbells, but to call a friend and make an appointment in the gym. Working in a pair is not only more fun, but also more effective than a single run.

Morning. Saturday. Bed. Training. The distance between the last - it's like from home to the moon. But if you can still agree with your conscience, then bring someone who rose early and is already waiting for you, an act unworthy of a decent girl. Nothing motivates them to overcome themselves, as a partner in training, they show research.

Scientists say that synchronous physical activity increases the release of endorphins.
So, 80% of women are much easier to adhere to the regular schedule of classes and lay out to the full, when next to them a true traveling companion. What is even more interesting: scientists from the University of Pittsburgh found that girls who train with a girlfriend, throw off a third more excess weight than those who swing alone. We could not leave such valuable information without attention. Therefore, we offer you a special pair training complex from Shannon Yontz, co-owner of the True North Fitness & Health club in California, which, by the way, she always tries to deal with her husband. So you take a friend, colleague, neighbor in the stairwell or any other purposeful person and draw her (or maybe him) into the gym. That's what you'll have to do there. The first is two sets of exercise 1 (rest between them - 60 seconds). Then - exercises 2-6 in a circle, without interruption, for 10-12 repetitions in each. Then rest 60 seconds and go one or three more laps. Complete the workout with one approach of exercise 7.

The throws of the medbola in the floor

  • Stand at a distance of two or three meters from each other. You keep the ball in straight hands above your head (A).
  • Straining the muscles of the abdomen and not bending arms, forcefully roll the ball to the floor in the direction of down and forward (B). The impact must be calculated so that the medical ball once bounced off the floor and fell into the hands of a girlfriend.
  • Catching the ball (C), she must immediately lift it over her head and repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Passe each other as quickly as possible for 1-2 minutes.

Lifting the ball, do not arch your back.

High five!

  • Get down on your hands, facing each other (A). Synchronously stand on the forearms - first one, then the other (B).
  • In the same order, go back to the starting position and slap each other on the right hand (C).
  • This is one repetition. In the next, change the "cotton" hands and continue to alternate.

Thrust of King with a medallion

  • Rise each one on one leg, facing each other, at a distance of one or two steps. You keep the ball in your hands, straight in front of you.
  • Simultaneously bend over and sit down: you should try to lower the medallion as low as possible, without rounding your back (A). Without leaving this position, roll the ball to your girlfriend (B).
  • Both stand in the starting position. Duplicate the movement so that the ball returns to you.
  • This is one repetition. Do six first on one leg, then on the other.

Plank + hip raising

  • While the girlfriend holds the bar, dropping into straight hands and not caving in the lower back, you, lying on your back, should put your right straight leg on her ankle on her back, and the left one bend and bring her to the shoulder (A).
  • Then you need to raise the pelvis upward to pull the body in line with the right foot (B).
  • Returning to the starting position, do 11 more repetitions, after which continue the same with the other leg.
  • Then you change places. If it is difficult to hold the bar, you can stand on your knees.


  • Take the two shock absorbers and stand up, as shown in the picture: the girlfriend holds the hilt of the chest, bending her hands on the sides of the body, and you keep the machine in straight hands. Step away from each other so that the shock absorbers are tight (A).
  • Then the girlfriend should step forward, squeezing the rubber in front of her and turning her palms down, and at the same time you pull the shock absorbers to yourself, pulling the blades with force (B).
  • Go back to the starting position - this is one repetition. Change places with each set.

Pair squats

  • Face each other, keeping well-strained shock absorbers in your right hands on the sides, the palms facing back. Simultaneously, pull the pelvis back and sink into the squat (A).
  • Starting from the floor with heels, go back to the starting position (B) and repeat.
  • Despite the fact that the hands, at first glance, work little, the muscles of the back, triceps and shoulders get their load. If you try, you will.

crouching, you need to keep your chest as straight as possible.

Command Burries

  • Guess the number of repetitions (ideally not less than 100, and even 200). Next, you get up straight, legs on the width of the hips, hands on the sides (A).
  • Sit on your heels and put your hands on the floor (B). Quickly jump off to the point of lying (C).
  • Repeating the movements in reverse order, return to the starting position. Your goal is to make the maximum number of repetitions in a row without distorting the technique.
  • When the latter becomes impossible, the girlfriend should come to the rescue and continue the exercise while you rest. You will receive a credit for the approach only if you collect both the number conceived at the beginning.

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