Fighting Seasonal Depression

The lack of sunlight, cold and slush can bring even the most vigorous and psychologically resistant to the handle. This year I decided not to give up - and plunged into the hole of the seasonal depression with a noble goal: to understand how to get out of it.

I think that from childhood I did not like autumn-winter twilight. And they deserve it. "The longest nights are in December, so this month is the peak of psychological disorders, and often infectious diseases," - says a doctor of the highest category, allergist-immunologist GKB number 29 named. N.E. Bauman Irina Tokareva.

Fighting Seasonal Depression
Fighting Seasonal Depression

The doctors know why this happens so long. "In the autumn-winter period, with a decline in mood, a huge number of people are facing - there is even the term" seasonal depression "(for the middle and northern latitudes this is absolutely normal), Tokareva continues. - The reasons for this state are hidden in a short light day. Deficiency of sunlight disrupts the process of producing hormones: serotonin, melatonin, norepinephrine and others. As a result of their lack of mood, the mood worsens, the person becomes more vulnerable to various infections. And even in cold weather, people catch colds, get sick with flu, increase the likelihood of allergic and other immune diseases - most people do not add optimism. "

In the meantime, not all are trying to resist the "elements", preferring to lie dormant before the onset of spring. If you do not want to spend time playing the bear, try to take the situation in hand. Act on several fronts.

  • First, to compensate for the lack of hormones with a balanced diet: protein food, milk, soy, tomatoes, dates, bananas, plums, figs and black chocolate contribute to the synthesis of serotonin.
  • Secondly, seriously take care of health. "The basic principles of restoration of immunity - a night sleep for seven to eight hours and strictly according to schedule, as well as the removal of stress - by any means, who knows how, even by embroidering a cross. Chronic stress is recognized as the most important reason for the decrease in immunity, "says Elena Zharuk, allergist-immunologist, chief physician at the multisectoral medical center" Our Clinic ".
  • Third, pull yourself together and develop a program of actions that will raise your spirits. "If the depressive state covers you every December, take the time to listen to yourself and understand what you really want and what will become better," advises the psychologist, Gestalt therapist Anna Nazarova. "Otherwise, the situation will repeat from year to year." Sports, singing, art therapy, swimming with dolphins, playing checkers at last - you have a huge choice.

Tip one: if the soul asks for songs, go to vocal courses, and do not jump on a snowmobile and do not sign up for cooking classes. After listening to myself (and at the same time colleagues on the editorial board), I went on four sides: to the spa, fitness club, to yoga and to the hunting club. Maybe your inner voice will call you there.

Fitness + Dancing Against Depression

I gloomily went to the fitness club for the BodyJam program - cardio training based on dance elements, from the New Zealand company Les Mills. The description sounded promising: a mixture of the most relevant dance styles and music, fun and intense training for the whole body, but the melancholy did not give up without a fight. Although I do too. Slightly late, I ran into the classroom, where the girls were already giving out loud to the calls of coach Nelli: "Merry, more active!".

In the meantime, I was angry with myself for not tying my shoelaces badly. I also had a more serious cause for concern: I was afraid to feel like a "cow on ice." Precedents have happened. I vividly remember, for example, my first trip to the step-training. "Damn!" - the softest word that I then repeated (I hope, only to myself). The BodyJam choreography is positioned as simple, suitable for any level of preparation. But I was still afraid of a dirty trick, because the question stood out: the cow on the ice can not be in a good mood.

Fortunately, fears were not justified. First, everything really turned out to be quite affordable. Secondly, a relaxed atmosphere contributed to the fact that I quickly got used to the role of Monica from the series "Friends" - from the episode when she comes to the tap-dance class. She does not succeed, but by the end of the series she recruits courage and dances as she can and wants. I also jumped fun on one leg and clumsily danced in those moments when I could not keep up with the movement.

And Nellie did not tire of praising us. And we jumped, circled, practiced "romantic" and "gentle" passes with our hands, then again jumped and circled. It may seem that I describe the dances in kindergarten. Meanwhile, we overcame an intense training consisting of a warm-up, the first cardioblock, rest, a second cardioblock and a hitch, to music of different styles (jive, jazz, pop, house and r'n'b).

What is the use? "During cardio training, we train the heart, become sturdier and at the same time burn calories. People who are actively involved in sports are always in good shape, which gives a positive attitude, says National trainer of BodyJam program Nelli Khusainova. - At the same time, dance elements contribute to the development of endorphins, which will take care of the excellent mood. Any woman who knows her body well (and this is exactly what the dance teaches) feels confident, beautiful and graceful, always achieves the set goals. "

Voice yoga against depression

About her, I had heard only the edge of my ear. "Guidance" was given by a friend, with the wording: it will help "to piss out of yourself all the mope." We sat in a circle around the candle: I, the teacher and a few other people I do not know. The lesson began with an exercise, the purpose of which is to understand how tense we are, and then to do it at the end of the lesson. I did not have time to blink, as I was already standing with my eyes closed, and a stranger in shorts was holding my hand and driving it up and down and to the sides to understand where I had the "clamp".

Fighting seasonal depression
Fighting Seasonal Depression

In any other place, such a degree of intimacy would be, to put it mildly, onerous for me, to put it mildly, but the search for clamps has already completely captured my thoughts. After that we sat in a circle, and coach Dima asked the newcomers to share their emotions. The first two speakers were so convincing that I had to compensate for the lack of eloquence with an enigmatic smile. Then we started breathing exercises, sang mantras and a Brazilian song to the accompaniment of Dimi Drum.

At some point next to me was a stranger in shorts, who was driving my hand through my throat - this time he was checking where my sound was bursting. Describe the details is meaningless. But I was overwhelmed by a sense of happiness and confidence that everything around me is nice, nice people. After a couple of days the shroud fell from my eyes. Which, however, does not detract from the merits of the occupation.

What is the use? Among the effects that voice yoga gives, is the removal of tension and clamps in the muscles, getting rid of stress. "Such things are aimed at stabilizing the state, and this is their big plus," says Anna Nazarova. - To lift the mood can do anything. For example, the same cosmetic procedures. But they do not provide emotional relief in the long term. Yoga is a deeper "therapy".

Shooting against depression

"I'll take you," our deputy head Natalya Timonkina kindly offered. "But do not forget to put on a fox hat for photography!". "The main thing is to get to the gun," I thought. "No one will scold for the absence of a fox cap of a man with a weapon in his hands." After a long journey, we, two trembling deer, got out of the car, and then a shot rang out: so loud and unexpected that, bouncing on the spot, Natasha and I yelled. Shoot the plates as soon as you want.

Fighting Seasonal Depression
Fighting Seasonal Depression

"Have not you tried?" Asked the instructor. "From THIS - no," I stuttered, I clenched my trembling hands in a smooth-bore gun and asked for the headphones. "Push the gun to the collarbone, the right handle on the trigger, now we put the cheek, the right eye - in the center of the bar," instructed the instructor. - The left leg is slightly forward, the center of gravity is on it. " - "Mmm, sorry, can I put down my gun? How much does it weigh? ". "About 3.5-4 kg. The target will fly out of this booth, rise above the barrel, as soon as it touches it - we press the trigger, "the man continued unperturbedly. "A bruise will not remain?" - "Push harder - it will be" normal ". Collecting the will into a fist, I shouted: "Give!" (So the shooter asks to release the target.) After falling a couple of times, I grew bolder and did not want to stop.

Now, looking at the forest distance and looking with scornful eyes at the target scraps, I regretted that I had given up the fox hat. The executive director of the complex, Olga Mileshkevich, said that 95% of the shooters at the stand are men, and this undoubtedly flattered my pride: "Women are more fond of a gun. It's easier, logically clearer, and the first time you can achieve something. In general, to be honest, the girls shoot with a pistol is even better than that of young people. " On these words we turned to the pistol shooting gallery, where they shot with Natasha one paper man.

What is the use? "If shooting gives you a drive, it's quite possible to arrange such a shake," says Elena Zharuk. - In a stressful situation, our adrenal glands produce certain hormones. They intensify tone, disperse blood, cause the heart to beat faster. If the stress was negative, then negative consequences occur. And positive stress (as in this case) is only beneficial - it helps to cheer up. "

Spa Against Depression

Late in the evening, I walked along a dark street and thought faintheartedly that it might be better to forget the dream now. But I was waiting for a procedure called "Sweet Life", and by effort of will I pushed myself towards endorphin therapy. Then everything went according to the standard spa program. Coffee scrub, milk bath and chocolate wrapping "Babaevsky" chocolate: the tiles right before me melted to the liquid state.

Most of the time I slept, but lying in a thermo blanket under a layer of sweetness, I woke up from the smell and wanted to take a part of the cosmetic ingredient inside. The smell of chocolate chased me for a few more hours: with him I drove into the subway, came home and fell asleep. This was, perhaps, the most pleasant effect.

What is the use? "Procedures with chocolate are considered endorphin therapy - they help to cheer up, and also tone up the skin with cocoa butter," says Marina Aksenova, a spa therapist at the Orient Express club. "It is the complex effect of all components of delicacies that gives such a unique effect, and the perception goes both through the smell and through the skin."

"During this procedure, just as, for example, when wrapping with algae, there is a powerful absorption through the skin of all the beneficial substances," adds Elena Zharuk. "The body gets a charge from a whole complex of vitamins and antioxidants."

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