How to increase the productivity of training?

"Run, Forrest, run!" - a good slogan for cardio, but sometimes it stops working. And for some reason does not run any more. Do not go. Do not swim. This means only one thing: it's time to add diversity to training.

Pay attention to how the triathletes look. By combining three disciplines, athletes receive "figurative" bonuses from each: tightened legs, like a bicyclist, the swaddler's relief arms and the slenderness of the runner. The effect is too tempting to not be used.

And for this you do not have to sign up for the Olympic Reserve School, just take our programs into service. Each of them lasts no more than 30 minutes (and we do not tire of repeating that a short high-intensity training can be more effective than a measured long-term cardio). In addition, with them you just do not get bored and refresh your perception of sports. Choose a training and include it in your fitness once or three times a week, but not every day.

Training triathlonist
It will help not only feel like an amateur Olympian, but also achieve results - quickly, as in a sprint.

FORWARD! The first stage is an exercise bike. Stir pedals at medium speed for 10 minutes. The intensity of the load is 5-6 on a ten-point scale: you work hard, but at the same time you can support the conversation. Next - a 10-minute race on the treadmill, at the same intensity level (5-6).

Right after that go to the third stage - the pool or rowing machine. Conditions are the same: 10 minutes at the same intensity level. In summer or on vacation, training can give you even more positive emotions if you transfer it to fresh air, replacing the exercise bike with a bicycle, and the pool by the sea or another pond.

Exercise against fat
Combines strength exercises and cardio inserts for a powerful blow to fat.

FORWARD! Take the rope and run the maximum number of jumps in 30 seconds. Pause for 30 seconds to recover. Repeat this set five times. Next, go to the circles, consisting of five basic exercises to work with their own weight. For example, squats, push-ups from the floor, stepping on the bench (step), push-ups on the uneven bars or from the bench and twisting (crunch).

The latter are done like this: lie on the floor, bend your legs 90 degrees, feet on the floor; on exhalation tear off coccyx and scapula, pressing a waist to the floor; on inhalation - return to the starting position. One round lasts 5 minutes. Your task is to make the maximum number of repetitions of each exercise per minute. That is, for example, the first minute - as many squats as possible, the second - push-ups. The transition from one exercise to another does not imply a rest break, so count your strength according to your level of preparation. Make two circles. Finish training with a 10-minute jog at an average pace.

Exercise for strength and speed
This interval training develops the muscle tone of the lower body, strength and speed.

FORWARD! Choose three different cardiovascular exercises with adjustable resistance. Sit down for the first. Warm up on it for 2 minutes at medium speed. Then raise the resistance and / or the slope to the maximum load for you, while keeping a quiet pace - and so work for 30 seconds. Then within two minutes, regain strength at the speed of the warm-up. Make a couple of such circles, then go to the next simulator and repeat the same scheme.

Exercise for the heart
Throws a sports challenge to the cardiovascular system and makes the body strong.

FORWARD! And again, choose three cardiovascular devices. Exercise for the first 10 minutes (intensity level - 5-6). Without any respite, move on to the next, increasing the intensity level to "heavily" (9-10): you are no longer able to support the conversation, but you barely breathe out the words. Time is the same - 10 minutes. The final 10 minutes of training will be conducted on the last simulator, the intensity is 5-6. Believe me, after such employment about fat you also will not recollect.

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