Lose weight with yoga

If you are not a fan of vigorous body movements, this should not prevent the eternal struggle for an ideal figure. Try our complex of exercises on yourself, and you will understand why yogis are so slender.

The dog snouts down

Carry out movements, alternating legs. Stay in each pose for 5-10 breaths. Again pass the complex, but reduce the number of breaths to one. After a short rest, repeat all exercises with a delay of 10 breaths.

  • Stand in the position of lying down, then lift the pelvis and press your feet to the floor.
  • The body and hands should be on the same line, if viewed from the side.
  • Lift your straight leg, keeping the sock taut on yourself - imagine that you are resting your foot against the wall.


  • Being in the pose "dog face down", lower the leg and, moving the center of gravity forward, pull the knee to the outside of the hand.
  • Do everything slowly, control the process.
  • To complicate the exercise, bend your arms in the elbows and try to tear the other leg off the floor.

Pose of the tiger

  • Take the position of "dog face down" and slowly lower your leg, simultaneously rounding your back and drawing your belly.
  • Without stopping, bring the knee to the forehead. Performing the exercise, pull off the sock, like a real ballerina.
  • Push your chin to your chest to stretch your upper back more.

Pose of the Warrior III

  • Stand in the pose "dog face down", now lower your left foot and put your foot between your hands.
  • Tear your palms off the floor and lift the body, the left leg while straightening. The other, with a sock on itself, try to keep parallel to the floor.
  • Simultaneously, tilt the body and pull out the arms with folded palms.

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