Original recipes for the blender

A blender has more talent than you think. Help him to reveal them and bring his culinary art to a new level.

Prepare breadcrumbs

The main thing - and, perhaps, their only advantage: you know what kind of bread they are made of. That is from your favorite dried loaf.
What to do:
Cut a piece of bread into 4 pieces and send it to a blender - you will get a great breading for the fried chicken. The bird will find the coveted crisp.
If the bread is fresh - also throw it into the blender, in the resulting crumbs, roll mozzarella or suluguni and fry in a skillet without oil.

Original recipes for the blender

Prepare fish pate

A couple of cans of salmon or tuna is an excellent raw material for pâté, with which you can make healthy sandwiches. After all, fish - a source of antioxidant selenium and omega-3 fatty acids, the benefits of which everyone knows.
What to do:
Mix 2 cans of canned fish in a blender, 2 tbsp. l. diced onions, 2 steep eggs, a large handful of crackers, 3-4 dried tomatoes, 1 tbsp. l. capers, 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

Grate hard cheese

Throw a few pieces of parmesan, pecorino or grana-padano into the blender. Each slice is the size of a quarter of a matchbox so that the device is easier to work with. In one tablespoon grated hard cheese only 20 kcal, and vegetable salad with it will become much tastier and more fragrant. Cheese is one of the best sources of calcium, which is so necessary for your teeth and bones.
What to do:
Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. On the culinary parchment, lay a grated cheese with a teaspoon, smooth the heaps and fry until thin crusts are obtained, which can be used as a snack or added to a salad.

Prepare a salad dressing

Homemade dressing costs a penny, much tastier than purchased, and most importantly, spodvignet you have as many vegetables as possible, because it will be impossible to break away from them. Moreover: according to research conducted at the University of Iowa, a vegetable salad with butter dressing reduces the risk of cancer.
What to do:
Take a bunch of rosemary, parsley, coriander and any other greens. Cut it large, blend it in a blender. Add olive oil and balsamic vinegar - they should be three times smaller in volume than the greens. You can add mustard and honey to your taste.

Turn fried onions into spicy sauce

Well, if to be completely accurate, it is not in the sauce, but rather, in the base for it. It is suitable for pasta and chicken dishes, and for usual tomato seasoning such onion puree will also fit.
What to do:
Roast the diced onion in vegetable oil until golden brown. Remove from heat and allow excess oil to drain. If you want, add spices to taste. Put all this into a blender and mix it properly to make a homogeneous mass.

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