The Most Comfortable Bicycle

The fact that the best transport for the warm season is a bicycle is not even discussed. It remains only to choose the one that you need.
Yes, you are right: Russian cities are better adapted for partisan wars than for bicycle tours; wishing to ride on a stranger in the settlements does not become less; and many motorists consider it a matter of honor to do everything so that a person on two wheels feels as humiliated as possible. But you know that: in fact, the ability to overcome difficulties is also quite national. Inspired by the fact that, regularly twisting the pedals, you not only will become healthier and sturdier, but with your own feet you will save the planet from one more gloomy and sluggish person who suffers from stress in traffic jams and poisons all living with the exhausts of a personal car.

Bicycle for the townspeople

Bicycle for the townspeople

To look down on the curbs, traffic jams and distances of the metropolis, you need a city bike. Citibike has everything to ride with comfort and dignity: large 28-inch wheels with thin tires, a high steering wheel and a wide anatomical saddle, taking into account the characteristics of the female body. All this will save you from unnecessary strain on the spine and will allow you to master the route in one breath.

To more confidently keep the road and do not accidentally wind on the wheel of a passerby passerby, choose a bicycle not with rim (V-brake), but disc brakes: they are much more effective and are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather. The frame of female should be opened: without the top crossbar to sit down on it and to jump out much easier, and to go for a drive in a skirt it is possible without false modesty. If you also take care of the plastic protection of the chain, you do not have to be afraid to stain or tear your clothes about it. Bear in mind that the set of speeds in citybike can be very modest - to overpay for their abundance in conditions of not the most complex landscape to anything.

Bicycles for cottages

To conquer country roads and forest paths with their bumps and bumps is ideal mountain bike. Do not hit the dirt in the dirt easier if you have 26-inch wheels with wide and hard tires and a lightweight aluminum frame weighing up to 1.6 kg (serious manufacturers usually give her a lifetime warranty). The athletic bike design with increased ground clearance and low landing is also welcomed, which will be a salvation when hills are conquered.

In order not to feel like rodeo during descents, look for a mountain bike with a front shock absorber that smooths out vibrations and provides better contact with the road. Dacha "SUV" should have a large number of gears (from 20 to 27 speeds) and double rims for strength. Rim or disc brakes will help to stop, akin to what they use in motorcycles. A mountain bike feels confident in the urban environment, but even a confident rider will tire at long distances.

The bicycle of the star "Tour de France"

If you can not live without marathons, you have a highway bike with "ram's horns" - a bent downward steering wheel. For the sake of speed love, you will have to give up a comfortable, but heavier, open frame and give preference to the unfading classic. The height of the rudder and the saddle in this case should be chosen with surgical precision to avoid unnecessary physical exertion and, ultimately, health problems.

Much attention was paid to the seat: it should be long enough and with gel inserts to perform a noble task - to prevent numbness of the fifth point. Road bikes are usually shod in high-pressure tires, and for better maneuverability they are equipped with a stiff carbon fork. And although this bike is whimsical in maintenance, it accelerates to 70 km / h and on smooth asphalt does not know itself equal.

Bicycle for the traveler

To long-distance travel did not become a test for strength, take a touring partner a bicycle. At the same time, you will appreciate the result of "mixing blood": from a road bike he got a sporty silhouette and a hard fork, from a "miner" - a sturdy frame (strike everyone in the store with knowledge of aluminum alloy 6061) and wide tires. On such a bike, you can safely accelerate on the highway and not be afraid of impassability, but before the trip study the points of fixing the trunk: the place on it should be enough for a backpack, tent and other lovely female joys.

Usually, a touring bike is equipped with "mutton horns", but if desired, you can find models with a more familiar form of steering. In a tourist bike, as in a highway, there are less powerful brake brakes (they are also called "crabs"), but the wheels should be much stronger - with 32 or 36 knitting needles. In order not to feel every pothole on yourself, choose a bicycle with a wide seat, a reliable shock absorber and the possibility of locking the latter to accelerate faster on a flat surface.

Bike for a lady

The beauty in dresses in the style of new look is laid on a walking bicycle with an extended frame and a straight landing. The helm of the cruiser must hover high above the seat, so that nothing prevents you from straightening up and sitting on the "throne," like a queen. Ideally, your center of gravity should shift from the shoulders and hands to the saddle. Since to ride a bike in a sports suit is an unforgivable mauve, pay attention to models without an upper pipe to get into the saddle you were no more difficult than in the cabriolet salon. A comfortable ride will be provided by 26-inch wheels, a seat shock absorber and a rigid fork that keeps the front wheel at an acute angle. According to the laws of the genre, the cruiser needs retro elements: a basket, a half-bent steering wheel and elegant white stripes on the tires.

Bike for a lady

In Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Holland, cyclists make up at least a third of urban traffic.

Freeride: bike for the Amazon

If the summer you decided to dedicate the race to a particularly hopeless off-road, you can not do without a bicycle for freeride. To force forest thickets, jump from the cliffs and circumambulate ravines, you need 26-inch wheels and an ultra-light 1.5-kilogram frame. Ideally, the weight of the "carbon" bicycle can not exceed 10 kg, aluminum analog - 12 kg. The design of both should take into account your anatomy, because during the trick you need to feel the bike all over.

Make sure that the upper pipe was lowered down for a more comfortable fit and easy handling, and the frame was given a lifetime warranty. For complete reliability, the bicycle must be equipped with powerful disc brakes. Usually for riding on hummocks the bike is equipped with a rear and front suspension, which partially absorbs the vibration, but, however, this does not relieve you of the need to masterfully master the technique.

Bicycle for a girl from the cover
Combine the burning of calories with a walk through the city parks or, what's wrong, a trip to a bakery - the dream of any photomodel. For fitness classes, a mountain bike with a light frame weighing up to 1.6 kg and a sporty silhouette is best for riding so that the back is slightly tilted forward during the ride. Such a bike should have a solid transmission (from 24 speeds), because you are not so much the burden on your legs, as the number of movements.

Do you remember that the body begins to burn fat stores only after half an hour's drive? To withstand such an exercise, you need an anatomical saddle (if you like the bike they do not have, it makes sense to buy a seat separately). Since the bike is to be used both in the city and in the country, pay attention to the presence of a thick rubber with a size of 2.1 inches and a front shock absorber to smooth out the vibrations. A nice addition will be a cycling computer that will monitor your pulse and even calculate the number of calories lost.

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