Eating Against Fat

If you do not already know, keep in mind: inside your body every second the fight is between the cells of fat and muscles. Do you want to be sure that the second will win the fight? Then start eating right. Pleasant bonus: no hunger pangs.

Eat everything that grows

On a tree, bush or under your feet - it does not matter. Your main goal - how to properly boot up with substances that can split fat. And vegetables, fruits and nuts - the best helpers in this matter (by the way, no one doubted). A study by the University of California claims that overweight people eat on average half as much plant food as those who do not have problems with being overweight.

that grows

Only do not overdo it with fruit, advises you to the doctor of medicine, the head of the international clinic of aesthetic medicine "Emerald" Marianna Trifonova. "The fact is," she explains her position, "that most fruits have a high hypoglycemic index, contain too much sugar and therefore provoke the production of an insulin hormone in the body that not only stimulates the appetite, but also requires new and new sweets . " So, if you want to lose the excess, choose something like green apples. And still do not eat them kilograms.

Meal plan: make sure that each hot dish is accompanied by a light vegetable salad. Have a snack with nuts (but do not eat more than 30-40 grams per day).

A little trick: eat vegetables before, and not after the main course. Scientifically proven that due to this you will be able to reduce by 15% the consumption of calories and also get a sense of satiety for a long time. Not bad, huh? And all because vegetable fiber regulates the level of glucose in the blood.

Lean on squirrels

Every time you eat. Because apples and greens are fine. But in combination with foods rich in protein. Having eaten 10-15 grams of meat, you call up the protein synthesis reaction in the body, and the latter, in turn, stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. Increase the portion in half, and the process of "building" the muscles will last about three hours. "The main thing is there is enough protein for breakfast," Louis Aron, director of the New York City Medical Center's weight loss program, is firmly convinced. "Studies show that people lose weight 65% more effectively if they start the day with an egg, not with a bagel."


In 100 g of salmon, only 219 kcal - and a sea of ​​vitamins and amino acids
Our expert Marianna Trifonova does not agree with Louis. "It's better to start the day with foods that are rich in" slow "carbohydrates (from whole grains for example)," she says. - Otherwise, you can quickly leave the force. And the egg is generally digested for about seven hours. So it is necessary in combination with a rye toast, otherwise the feeling of satiety may not come, and this will lead to an extra intake of calories. I would advise you to consume more protein for lunch and dinner. "

Meal plan: try to avoid fatty foods, but at the same time do not buy completely fat-free. Both that and another - an excess. Marianna advises eating proteins that are easily absorbed by the body, namely: fish, seafood, white poultry.

A little trick: lean on dairy products. Studies show that three servings, that is, 300-375 grams per day, are enough to reduce the risk of overweight by 60%.

Eat before and after training

Great news for those who like to have fun and, especially, to eat. A small snack before and after exercise will speed up muscle recovery and growth. And such recharging will help to lower the level of cortisol, which forces the body to save up reserves "just in case". As a result, you burn more fat not only during exercise, but also within a day after.

Nutrition plan: you have every right to eat a light carbohydrate-protein dish half an hour before training and the same - at the end. "After an active physical exertion in the body, a kind of carbohydrate window opens," Marianna shares. - This is an insignificant interval of 15-30 minutes, during which carbohydrates are perfectly absorbed. They give you energy and do not reflect at all on the waist. "

A little trick: milk smoothies or natural yogurt with the addition of currant, kiwi or apple - excellent snack options before and after classes.

Love the salads!

This "grass" contains so many useful substances for burning fat, which is even scary. Here's a head start: folate (folic acid combination) and vitamin B. It is proved that folates accelerate the burning of fat by 8.5 times.

the salads

If you add parsley, spinach or basil to the vegetable juice, you get a real detox mix
Meal plan: in general, eat as much greenery as you can. If you're tired of salads, add spinach to the omelette - and tasty, and useful.

A little trick: fill the salad with a small amount of corn oil. It contains up to 50% linoleic acid - a substance that effectively fights with the deposition of fats.

Eat breakfast correctly

Please, promise that you'll never start a day with a piece of yesterday's pizza. And even throw it out of sight - it's not food. And at the same time, do not forget to "refill" the body, because he wakes up hungry (even if you do not always feel it). If you miss breakfast, then slow down the metabolic processes, deprive the muscles of energy, and during the day you consume more calories. This behavior increases the risk of gaining weight approximately 4.5 times.

Meal plan: at breakfast you should consume 30-35% of all calories per day. Combine proteins with whole grains and healthy fats. If you are late in the morning or do not want to eat, gnaw a whole-grain toast, and take yogurt and fruit with you to work.

A little trick: if at the beginning of the day you usually experience something like a hatred for food, drink it. For example, a glass of milk 1.5% fat. The drink will give you 8 g of protein and calcium, which has a fat burning talent.

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