The Most Dangerous Job For Health Is The One You Do Not Like

Sensation! Intrigue! Shock! Women's Health found that inoffensive at first glance the profession is not so safe.

Do not think that this article encourages you to join the ranks of housewives or change your profession. Simply climbers and tamer anacond and so know how to behave in difficult situations. But representatives of peaceful professions often do not suspect the dangers that await them on the labor path. So read and motivate you (or whatever you have there).

Sensation! Intrigue! Shock! Women's Health found that inoffensive at first glance the profession is not so safe.
The Most Harmful Occupations

Injuries in the office

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came to the conclusion that secretaries, assistants and other assistant managers are especially vulnerable to office sufferers. People of these professions suffer not from blows with a blunt object on the head, as one might think: more often they get burns, cuts and fractures of limbs. Burns they regularly receive, in contact with coffee machines, coolers and cups with hot tea; bruises and fractures - when rushing to fulfill the orders of the boss, not noticing wet floors and glass doors; concussion of the brain - mainly because of strikes against the countertop, because collecting the fallen documents and pencils is necessary to them. In accidental injuries and dislocations, high heels are also guilty - a traditional element of the dress code of priestesses of faxes and scanners.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Maintain order on the desktop: firstly, you do not have to fuss in search of The Paper itself, and secondly, reduce the risk of attack of the ants living in last year's box from under halva.
  2. Spit on Feng Shui: whatever the guru advises, the passageways in the office should be of sufficient width - let the bronze horse and office equipment do not stand on your career path.
  3. Train attentiveness: it will save you, and suddenly appeared in the corridor As_Ego_Tam from the IT department from a portion of boiling water. Educate the skills of a pathfinder and scout can be a regular exercise: walk around the office, never stopping, and then try to remember how the colleagues were dressed and whether someone recovered accidentally.
  4. Pick up a comfortable replacement shoes - not slippers, of course, but at least shoes with a non-slip sole and a massive heel. Our fashion editor swore on the Hermès bag that now it's fashionable.

Profession - overeating

Among professionals who do not differ slim, for obvious reasons, chefs, confectioners and bakers lead. According to the medical portal, the chance to take extra pounds from the work is especially great among restaurant specialists of Russian, Ukrainian and German cuisines and is quite small among Asian, Italian and Greek workers. Depends on the speed of accumulation of fat, mainly from the level of production: the higher it is, the less risky the figure is people who are obliged to try thick sauces and soft buns every day. On top-class production, impeccable taste is achieved without chemical additives, cheap substitutes, artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and preservatives, which most often cause unnecessary kilograms.

But even if the cook is not worthy of you, do not relax too much: those who work in purely female groups, for example, nurses, teachers, civil servants, tend to excess weight. Blaming the ladies is an age-old tradition to buy "something for tea" and treat cakes for anything, right up to Youth Day in Zambia. So, for example, if you drank four cups of tea with two tablespoons of sugar during an 8-hour day, drank four of them with rugs or donuts, and almost did not get up from the office chair, ate about 2000 kcal, and spent (even with intensive intellectual activity) - only about 700. Itself you know, the surplus will not be stacked where it would be desirable.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Get a diary of caloric content and write down everything that has got into your mouth for a day, even a half spoons of soup. So you can estimate the real volume of the eaten and no longer cover with the phrase: "I did not eat well in the morning".
  2. Balance your life: even 3000 calories eaten per day will not turn fat if you sweat in the gym.
  3. Do not eat for the company. If you really want to, at least replace the high-calorie desserts for dried fruits. And better bring in the office a couple of numbers Women's Health - you see, in time to order for lunch pizza the size of the Red Square will be a bad form.

Work with stress

A blow in the back is to be expected for representatives of professions associated with prolonged exposure in a tense posture. The backbone of the risk group is medical workers (dentists, surgical surgeons and nurses, obstetricians), tailors and photomodels. They know something about the incorrect loading of the muscular corset of the spine, which results in a violation of blood supply and inflammation. Complain of pain in the back and neck and all those who spend a working day at the table: to earn osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae, sitting at the computers, according to the WHO, already managed 80% of the world's inhabitants.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Use every opportunity to get out of the chair: walk along the corridor, answering the phone calls, approach your colleagues in person, to say: "You're fired, you rascal!", And print the documents on the farthest printer.
  2. Forget about the elevator - climb the stairs on foot.
  3. Do the exercises. For starters, lead a sting: imagine that you write a long and complex word with the tip of your nose, for example "impeachment-initiator". Then smoothly turn your head - let it freely roll from left to right and from right to left so that a pleasant sensation of warmth appears in the collar zone. Well, in the end, move your shoulders and make a couple of slopes from side to side. All! You can continue to hump.

Sensation! Intrigue! Shock! Women's Health found that inoffensive at first glance the profession is not so safe.
The Most Dangerous Job For Health Is The One You Do Not Like

Who will grow old faster?

That to hide: any work takes away the best years of your life, and some in general are brazenly stealing youth. Pilots and flight attendants are the first to pay for the romantic-sexual appeal of their uniforms in the form of physical. On board the aircraft, an artificially created climate dominates: very dry (20-40% moisture content, instead of 65-75% required for our skin and mucous membranes) and with an unnatural ionic composition.

Do not distract your stewardess with your ridiculous requests, they would only do that they impose moisturizing masks and drank borzhom, saving beauty. But you demand that rug, then juice, then deploy the aircraft - and the skin of the heavenly bees, meanwhile, is rapidly aging. According to dermatologists, 200 hours spent in the sky are added to the passport age of pilots and stewardesses for a minimum of three to four years.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Observe a diet rich in carbohydrates. In the priority, uncooked grain (brown rice, oat flakes, pasta with bran), but fresh fruits and vegetables will also come off - all together they will contribute to fluid retention in the body.
  2. Drink a day about 2 liters of water at room temperature. Suitable mineral or spring water, but not carbonated drinks.

Risk of cancer

The latest European studies have proved that oncology doctors do not sit without work due in large part to the existence of the paint and varnish industry. From different forms of cancer people suffer, the arms of which have an elbow in benzene, vinyl chloride, asbestos, formaldehyde, arsenic and other carcinogens. At the risk of painters, builders, some doctors and dentists working with artificial sources of UV radiation (according to the portal "On Oncology Reliably", artificial sources are dangerous for the eyes and skin). Company on hospital beds these people are often employees of night shifts - guides, guards, freight forwarders, lighthouse keepers. And this is not blind rock: as we recall, the melatonin sleep hormone, the lack of which increases the risk of cancer, is developed only in the arms of Morpheus and in pitch darkness.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Regularly undergo medical examination in accordance with age and risk group.
  2. Drink coffee - its use reduces the risk of skin cancer, according to the report of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). In particular, women who drink at least three cups of drink a day, get cancer 20% less often than drink less than one cup a month. In men, this difference was 9%.

A profession that discourages
From the chosen profession, it turns out that not only do you depend on your income, but also your sexual feelings. The weakening of sexual desire is most likely for those who work in the frost or heat, professionally engage in sports or carry weights. In addition to athletes, freight forwarders and sellers, problems in the intimate sphere are not alien to fans of sedentary lifestyle (read: most office workers), craftsmen (people of creative professions) and those who do not want to hear about balanced nutrition. By the way, in the group of risk and those who often flies on business trips: systematic sexual abstinence and jet-lag at all do not contribute to the normal functioning of the body.

How to avoid danger:

  1. Eat right. To normalize the sex drive, the ration needs to be sated with vegetables and fresh fruits, but the use of animal protein and fat, on the contrary, is reduced.
  2. Avoid stress. It is clear that the flogging for a failed project does not always manage to slip away, but, for example, to sleep eight hours a night, so as not to expose your body to unnecessary stress, it is entirely within your power.

And, finally, the most harmful profession

There is only one work, which is more dangerous for health than all the others, taken together - unloved.
Work that does not bring pleasure will sooner or later turn you into a monkey: slowly undermines the psyche, intensifies discontent with life. So, it turns out, the best favorite, but harmful work, than the unloved, but safe.

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