Cocktail "Margarita" And its Consequences

Agree, it's nice to drink this wonderful drink and relax a little. Good for you? Now look what's going on in your body.

In a minute

  • The drink is quickly in your stomach. If he was accompanied by an appetizer, the further way of the cocktail to the liver would be longer, but you forbade yourself to touch the tortilla and guacamole!
  • By the way, the liver should now seriously work, because the processing of alcohol - an additional load for it.

In 30 minutes

  • First, the liver will turn alcohol into a carcinogen acetaldehyde, and then make from it acetate, which is not so harmful.
  • Because the liver is overloaded with work, the acetate will return to the bloodstream and hit the head. Destroy the nerve cells in the hypothalamus (responsible for memory), cripple the cerebellum (controlling the coordination of movements) and the prefrontal area of ​​the cerebral cortex (regulating your mood). As a result, you will feel slightly relaxed and unexpectedly pretty. You will also become warmer - thanks to the expanded vessels.
  • Suddenly, you urgently want to go to the toilet, because alcohol is a diuretic and has already reached the bladder.
  • If Margarita was prepared, as it should be, from three ingredients, the sugar contained in the liquor will "sting" you with insulin, which can lead to increased sweating, and also cause the desire to eat salty or fatty - which you usually try to avoid.

In an hour

  • Alcohol neutralized, has now been turned your liver from acetate into carbon dioxide and water.
  • 400 extra calories that you got by drinking this unhappy "Margarita" - not all. Since the liver was busy with alcohol, she did not have enough time to process calories, and your body postponed them as fat triglyceride. He safely sat around your waist - the most wrong place for a woman to store fat.
  • Such a sad story!

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