Get Rid Of The Effects of Cold

In frosty days, the body has a hard time. And our task is to help him survive the winter with minimal losses.

The head is scratched

All the fault is three factors. Firstly, climate change - there were many suns in the summer, and in winter there is almost no sun. Secondly, a decrease in the level of immunity. Thirdly, the temperature drops. Against this background, the life cycle of a cell accelerates , and, in simple terms, it begins to peel ahead of time. Changing behavior and one bacterium (Pityrosporum Ovale), which lives in the scalp of each of us. Malignant microorganism multiplies faster - and dandruff appears.

How to be:
  1. Start with the use of conventional moisturizers: shampoo and conditioner. If after a week the result does not satisfy you, switch to intensive care products.
  2. It is about the means in the form of oil, which will work only if they are applied correctly. Centimeter by centimeter process such products with scalp and wash off in about fifteen minutes (be prepared for the fact that you have to do this twice). Did you still have dandruff? So, the problem is still in the bacteria.
  3. To get away from an intruder, replace your shampoo with a medical one, with active medicinal ingredients, for example zinc pyrithione (zinc prithione). Such a remedy should stop the itching and destroy the microorganism.

Dry skin

It seems that you often take a hot shower, wear synthetic pantyhose and pants, use too light milk for the body . No wonder your skin began to resemble sandpaper.

How to be:
  1. Try to find a body cream that contains both nutritious and moisturizing ingredients. Even if you have normal skin, take food for dry and very dry - they have more useful substances. And also be careful with otdushkami: in the winter sensitivity of the epidermis increases, so that any fragrant element can easily cause allergies.
  2. For the benefit of milk: the natural fats and acids contained in it, will add skin softness, remove irritations and irregularities. Take a warm nutritious bath with two cups of skim milk. After 15 minutes, apply a honey-milk cream.

Hair fall out

In winter, the hormonal background changes (whatever one may say, in the summer there are more positive emotions). If in the summer you treated your hair lightly (for example, you did not wear a headdress), by the fall, they might be weakened and begin to fall out. "2-3 months lifeless hair will sit tightly in the bulb, and then leave it ," explains Olga Ganelina, dermatologist, medical director of the Vichy brand in Russia.

How to be:
  1. Use the conditioner with silicone, which "seals" the outer layer of the cuticle. Well, if the label also has the word quats - these are quaternary ammonium compounds that neutralize static electricity.
  2. As a prophylaxis, choose hair loss remedies with aminexil, which improves blood microcirculation.

The color was gone

Because of temperature differences, cells lose moisture, are renewed more slowly and, accumulating, do not allow light to be reflected from the surface of the skin. Uneven hyperpigmentation is another autumn problem. During the summer, a large amount of protective dark pigment melanin is formed in the epidermis, which manifests itself later. Hypersensitivity is also common. "In the cold, the hydrolyside film is thinned, and even normal or oily skin can become drier," warns Olga Ganelina.

How to be:
  1. Try to drink more water and take vitamins, starting in the fall. "I would advise the products of omega-3 - they retain moisture in the epidermal cells," says Dr. Doris Day of New York University.
  2. When the window is minus, start daily care with milk or other means of cream texture. In such products, there are fewer aggressive components than gel ones. For the winter, buy creams, saturated with softening and moisturizing ingredients (the most common is hyaluronic acid).
  3. Find a protective balm in the pharmacy: yes, he will not have an exquisite aroma, I'm sorry. But the remedy will protect the skin from temperature changes.
  4. "In November, the sun does not often look out - what it takes to fight pigmented spots. Do atraumatic peelings, buy a mask with exfoliating particles, make a microdermabrasion, "advises Olga Ganelina.

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