Master The Language Of His Gestures

Master The Language Of His Gestures

To understand what he wants from you (or does not want to), in fact, you can, without resorting to blackmail and torture by tears. The body of a man, unlike himself, never lies.

How much easier it would be for everyone to live if men were equipped with a small display on which their thoughts and feelings would be clearly read at each particular moment: "Oh, she's cool!", "Damn, because of this meeting I'll be late for football" , "I wonder if they are real?" But high technologies are not yet available for everyone, and communication with any attractive subject still resembles the search for a black cat in a dark room. We peer, listen, guess, look for subtexts ... and still regularly make mistakes.

"Men are programmed to suppress their emotions. Whichever feelings a representative of the stronger sex will suffer, he will hardly show them , "psychologist Kevin Hogan is sure. And thousands of nervously smiling young people at the registry offices indirectly confirm his theory.

Fortunately, in addition to the face of a man, there are a lot of other, more eloquent parts of the body. Having learned to understand the signals that his body is giving, you can accurately determine the degree of interest of this subject in you.

Master The Language Of His Gestures
Master The Language Of His Gestures

Kinesika is a separate science that studies the language of the body and its parts

He hides his hands in his pockets

Entering the room where you sit, addressing with some kind of request or just talking with you, the man holds his hands in his pockets. Do not be afraid, he does not hide there unevenly trimmed nails, a dead mouse, or some other muck. Whole palms have disappeared in his pockets or only thumbs-in any case, it's an indicator that he is embarrassed. When a person is nervous and not sure of himself, his own limbs seem to him too long, strange, dangling around, so he tries to fix them by any means. In the absence of pockets, a man can thrust his thumbs over a belt, for example.

He crossed his arms over his chest

Gestures and facial expressions of men sometimes say not only about sympathy for a woman, but about opposite feelings. If the interlocutor when communicating with you crosses his arms on his chest, you can not wait for compliments, stories about his beloved kitten and other lovely charms. With such a gesture, he seems to be closing, shows that he does not intend to show his emotions and overflow with a nightingale. Perhaps it's only about today (you're aware of what happened in the second half?), And maybe you do not really interest him. Be that as it may, in this case it's better not to pester the stupid questions once again and not include your unlimited charm.

He shows super-care

If a man now and then corrects the strand that struck out of your hair and removes crumbs of cheesecake from the decollete, you, of course, have the right to think that you look like a total slob or that he mistook you for a child. But both of your assumptions pass. "In the male language, increased care means that he likes you," explains Patty Wood, an expert on non-verbal ways of communication. The whole animal world shows similar sympathy in the same way - cleans feathers, combs fleas, serves worms - and real men are not worse.

This kind of flirting is called grooming, and if you believe the electronic Dictionary of Natural Sciences, the manifestation of caring for someone else's fur indicates a comfortable mental state of the individual. Therefore, if you feel that a man awakens your animal instincts in you, do not hesitate to remove the macaroni that stuck to his lips - in the performance of such a modest girl like you, even such an intimate gesture will not seem familiar.

He looks like he saw a ghost

The manifestation of an extreme degree of amazement - rounded eyes and bared eyebrows - is difficult to confuse with something. However, it does not always mean that the satellite saw behind you the hockey player Ovechkin in the form and with a stick. The same mimic set that appeared on the chevalier's face for no apparent reason is a sure sign of interest. This is a subconscious reaction, described in the children's fairy tale: "Grandma, why do you have such big eyes?" - "To see you better, child." (You do remember who was hiding under the guise of my grandmother?) In a word, if a man looks like you are telling him about your plans to destroy this world with the help of sharks (although in general you complain about the quality of asparagus in the nearest supermarket) - he, most likely, you are breathing unevenly.

He turns to you with the whole body

The man who wants to attract your attention is not half turned, but his face, while his chest is open and even slightly protruding forward - this, as well as all other primates, was taught evolution and his own ego. While the beta-males silently twine the grass, the leader of the gorilla flocks with a deafening roar on the highest stone and begins to pound himself with his fists in the chest. With the amendment to education, a man in love with the whole body wants to tell you the same thing: "Look at me! I'm big, smart and good! "

He slouches

The subject has taken possession of your attention - now it's time to show that he no longer plays in the king of the jungle and you can begin to chat pleasantly. A little hunched back and forwarded shoulders visually make the figure of a man smaller, and the very position of his body says: "I'm available. Let's talk". With nature you can not argue: the more vulnerable a pose is taken by a person, the more he trusts you with great trust and sympathy.

He lowers his eyes and is silent

It's not that he began to admit to you in love and suddenly hesitated and blushed, - in this case, one can only be touched by such shyness. But if in response to a direct question about something important for you, the man lowered his eyes, said nothing, and at the same time he nervously taps his pencil or button with his hands, everything is not so rosy. At this time, the computer in his head chooses the most suitable "rejection" phrases from all known to him. As a real gentleman, he can not say no. Noticing such a reaction, turn everything into a joke. Like as well as did not ask anything such, it just seemed to him.

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