When The Good is Deceptive

They pretended to be your best friends. You trusted them the most valuable - health. But those whom you considered to be your allies are in fact not so simple, and sometimes even insidious.

Iodized salt

"They do not save you on health," you think, and confidently buy iodized salt instead of the usual one. Now you will not know the problems with the thyroid gland, intellect and efficiency. We are trying to upset you: this is not so.

When the good is deceptive

Erase these friends from the list of relatives.
First, iodine compounds in salt are not famous for their resistance: they are stored in an open pack for about six months, and under the influence of high temperatures they evaporate completely, so do not expect the benefits of boiled, fried and baked products.

Secondly, the prevention of iodine deficiency with the help of salt looks very contradictory: pregnant women and children, who usually need more than others in this element, are unlikely to advise generously to salt each piece.

Well, thirdly, to combat iodine deficiency in the body, it is necessary only for those who have such a shortage diagnosed by specialists. The rest, buying up products rich in this element, run the risk of getting acquainted with the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid function) - increased sweating, rapid weight loss and a change in the psyche.

Ballet shoes

The war, pronounced by high-heeled orthopedists, surgeons and phlebologists around the world, has finally borne fruit: conscious girls obediently replaced rapacious hairpins with ballet flats. Also have become more healthy? Nothing like this. In shoes on a flat sole, unless you are faster than heels, you'll reach the doctor.

Discuss with him will have regular cramps, pain in the muscles and lower back, deformities of the foot, knee problems and other old-time topics. The thin, spineless sole of the ballet shoes (and you were so happy that they can be folded in half and put in a clutch), by definition, can not be a normal shock for the foot, and therefore, while you carelessly stroll, your muscles, tendons, veins and the joints experience a triple load.

The simplest way to protect your own limbs from district orthopedists is not to wear shoes on a flat sole daily, but even better - buy shoes with an innocuous heel (2-3 cm) and use orthopedic insoles.

Orange fresh

Do you think there's nothing more correct than starting a day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? No matter how it is! It seems that you vainly got up at dawn, to have time to suppress both fruits, and to wash the juicer. In fact, in its original form, oranges are much more useful than juice.

With a glass of fresh, you, of course, get a healthy dose of fructose, glucose and vitamin C, but there is no white pulp, the one under the crust. You are hurling it mercilessly into the trash can, thus spreading the fiber that could slow the absorption of carbohydrates and fats into the blood, and the bioflavonoids dreaming to improve the condition of your blood vessels and control the level of cholesterol.

In general, if you want a solid portion of sucrose from an orange to be absorbed by your body without harming the figure, eat the fruit with lobules, without cleaning it from the films.


Excellent personal qualities, a rich inner world, proven supernormal abilities, popular love - honey is so good that it can rightfully be canonized ... Yes, behind a long list of virtues it is difficult to consider the facts defaming the reputation.

But be vigilant: in fact, 100 grams of sweets just like a piece of chocolate cake, turn into fat on problem areas; sticking to the teeth, honey no less than refined sugar is guilty of caries; even under optimal storage conditions, its chemical composition changes over time, not for the better - vitamins are destroyed, and antimicrobial properties are weakened. And the products of beekeeping are the strongest allergens and contain bacteria spores, which the digestive system of children can not cope with.

But most importantly, the traditional way of treating honey - putting it in tea or hot milk - is deadly for people with cardiovascular diseases (such a beverage provokes an accelerated heartbeat) and is absolutely useless for everyone else - at temperatures above +40 ° C, all the beneficial substances in honey is destroyed.

Antibacterial agents

Do you think that using household chemistry with the inscription "Antibacterial", do you protect yourself from diseases? Alas. In fact, you are simply directing the process of evolution among bacteria.

To kill the number of microbes with antibacterial soap, hands, for example, need to wash for at least 20 seconds. Remember, how often do you spend so much time on this procedure? Oh, never? .. Congratulations: in this case, millions of bacteria not obtained by you acquire a strong immunity to modern household chemicals and, mutating, are becoming increasingly strong contenders for your place on the planet.

The paradox of all antibacterial means for the bathroom and kitchen is also that even their regular use does not guarantee you a healthy future. Household chemistry copes well with microbes, but it can not prevent the spread of viral infections - which means that the flu and cold sooner or later attack you, no matter what kind of soap you use.

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