Apply The Rouge Correctly

It is necessary to admit: to make a mistake, putting blush, is simple. To prevent it, use the advice of professionals.

Do not use blush because of fear to do something not so cowardly and even criminally: they give the person expressive sculpture, and make-up - completeness. In addition, this cosmetic product is best than others to refresh your face and even visually adjust its features. But only on the condition that the shade and application technique will be selected correctly.

The texture of blush that suits you

You should start with the choice of texture. Moreover, it is very rich: the blush can be dry, liquid, cream and even in the form of a gel. Choose dry (compact, crumbly or in balls), if your skin is normal, prone to fat or combined. The product will absorb excess sebum. "Loose blush have the most delicate, transparent texture.

However, the density of the coating can be easily adjusted with the help of a brush, "- says Svetlana Chernyshova, coach Benefit. It is best to use a special large brush (Sephora and MAC have such). Pick up a small amount of blush, shake off excess and, if the color will still get too intense, top cut the face with a translucent powder. Small brushes that are attached to compact products, too, will be useful: to, for example, to correct makeup during the day.

Cream blush will well fall on dry skin. They are easy to shade and look natural. But before they are applied, it is necessary to moisturize the skin with a day cream.

Gel and liquid products are the most resistant. For oily skin, on which cosmetics are worst of all, - an ideal option. To put them it is necessary so: put on cheeks two-three points and fast movements of fingers shadows. We advise you to practice at leisure: surpluses can be removed only by means for removing makeup.

It is necessary to admit: to make a mistake, putting blush, is simple. To prevent it, use the advice of professionals.
Apply The Rouge Correctly

  1. Blush Blush Horizon de Chanel from Chanel
  2. Cream Blend Blush (Something Special) from MAC
  3. Rosy Glow (001 Pétale) blush from Dior
  4. Blush Le Prisme (1 Bucolic Rose) by Givenchy
  5. Blushing Fabric Blush (3) from Giorgio Armani
  6. Compact powder-blush Color Breeze from Clarins

Eye color when choosing blush

The idea to choose a shade of blush, focusing on the color of the eyes, to put it mildly, is not new. But from this it is no less brilliant.

Blue eyes

Choose: Warm shades of peach or cold - pink. It is these tones that correctly draw attention to the bright eyes.
Avoid: Saturated plum shades: in your case they will visually reduce eyes.

Brown eyes

Choose: Your option is berry shades that will make the look even warmer.
Avoid: Neutral beige and brown tones - for your brown eyes they are boring.

Green eyes

Choose: All shades of pink: with them the color of your eyes will be brighter.
Avoid: Dark burgundy shades.

Eyes of color of whiskey

Choose: Pinkish purple blush - they are the only ones that will accentuate the amber tint of your eyes.
Avoid: Warm apricot shades - they just get lost on your face.

It is necessary to admit: to make a mistake, putting blush, is simple. To prevent it, use the advice of professionals.
Apply The Rouge Correctly

  1. Cream Blush High Definition (4) by Make Up For Ever
  2. Blush "Luminel" ("Sunny Apricot") from Yves Rocher
  3. Blush Matte & Shimmer (02) by The Body Shop
  4. Blush Alliance Perfect Blush (120 Sandalwood Pink) by L'Oréal Paris

Blush under the tone of the face

Leading make-up artist Chanel in Russia Ernest Muntaniol is convinced that the beige-pink shades of blush are suitable for everyone, when it comes to daytime make-up. But even this fact does not give you the right to ignore your skin color and hair, when you stand at the test stand with blush testers and make a difficult choice.

So, if you:
  • Red hair and olive shade of 

your skin Your version: a blush of warm shades with golden and red pigments.

  • Dark hair and skin color of melted milk 

Your option: cold shades - burgundy, brick, burgundy-brown.

  • Dark hair and light pink skin. 

Your option: beige, peach, muted pink and fuchsia.

  • Light fair-haired hair and light yellowish skin. 

Your option: beige, peach, coral and beige-pink tones.

Illustrations: GRANT COWAN

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