Secrets Of Night Skin Care

In the morning you look the way nature wants, in the evening - like yourself. WH learned what to do to please yourself and others around the clock. Starting at sunrise.

Your skin's work schedule

To begin with, you and your skin have different biological rhythms. Early in the morning, when you are still sleeping, she wakes up: microcirculation increases, blood flows to the dermis, the production of collagen is activated. Closer to noon, when you are fully awake, the skin "freezes", goes into protection mode, and the rate of cell division at this time is the lowest. Accumulated for a day, fatigue and stress in the evening cause a spasm in the muscles, slowing the blood circulation and, consequently, the ability of the dermis to self-renew, but at night the most interesting begins.

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Secrets Of Night Skin Care

The dark time of the day for the skin is a period of regeneration, which occurs on several levels. While you carelessly look at dreams, all processes of vital activity of cells are accelerated (from 23.00 to 04.00 the speed of their division increases eight times), the body starts the process of self-cleaning - toxins leave it through the lymphatic system. If you decide to measure the temperature of the body at night, you will notice that it is stably higher than in the daytime: this is a sign of increased microcirculation. And yet, as soon as it starts to get dark, the body produces a hormone melatonin, which regulates biorhythms of the body.
This, as we recall, is a natural absorber of free radicals that protects the skin from premature aging, and the body - from stress. The maximum amount of hormones is produced by midnight, and after four in the morning it falls sharply. Melatonin is afraid of light, so it is better to sleep in a night mask - it helps not only to fall asleep more easily, but also to make sleep better.

Prepare your face for a dream

The way you look in the morning, in many respects depends on how you took care of the skin in the evening.
  1. Try to develop a habit in yourself: I returned home in the evening, went to wash my hands - and immediately cleared my face.
  2. Night care products should be applied until midnight (ideally from 22.00 to 23.00), so that the effect of the product falls on the period of active production of melatonin.
  3. Carefully choose night care products - during sleep, the skin is cleansed, the muscles of the face are relaxed, and the means penetrate deeper layers more easily. Refuse to use creams that only simulate moisturizing (such contain film-forming components - lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum and waxes).
  4. Most people sleep on their sides or face down. The older you get, the less elastic the skin becomes. With age, it takes more time to "crack down", recover. The earlier you accustom yourself to sleep on your back and / or on an orthopedic pillow, the better.

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Secrets Of Night Skin Care

How to properly awaken the skin

  1. Many people do not understand why you need to cleanse the skin at the beginning of the day - in the evening you take off your makeup and pollution, and what's in the morning? It's simple: during the night sweat accumulates on the surface of the face, the secret of the sebaceous glands, the products of the vital activity of the cells. Remember, morning wash should be part of your mandatory nursing program.
  2. Bags under the eyes are a typical problem at the beginning of the day. The skin around the eyes is thinner than anywhere else, so excess fluids are most noticeable in this area. Perhaps you are applying your eye cream or gel to the mobile eyelid - never do it.
  3. To swelling as quickly as possible, try the following: when you will apply the morning care product, for a few seconds, press on two points - at the outer corner of the eye and the inner. This will enhance microcirculation.
  4. Dark circles are another problem. If you sleep well, but still suffer from them, the cause of bruising can be an allergy or sinusitis - both expand the blood vessels. In any case, better than concealer did not come up with anything. Choose a shade (it should not be lighter than your natural, and then bruises will be even more visible) and enjoy.
  5. If you need an instant result, put the cream and serum in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, and then apply them. Express masks are also good. From the usual, they are distinguished by a higher content of active components. Use masks no more often than twice a week and choose, listening to the advice of consultants. After all, if you have dry skin, then silicones will go to her good, if fat or combined, then only to the detriment.

Text: Maya Beloglinskaya

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