Hear it All - Find Your Biorhythm

There are ladies on whom you look and are surprised: always in motion, do ten cases in parallel and - the most unpleasant - everyone is in time. What is this special form of life? The awl in the ass? No, alas, to turn into a girl-energojzera awla will not help you, it generally has nothing to do with it. But our advice and training is easy.

Check with the hour

There is nothing supernatural about the fact that energy (and, therefore, efficiency) jumps during the day. As in any other living organism, something is constantly changing in you. The level of hormones, blood pressure and even body temperature. Let and it is absolutely insignificant, but all the same. Such changes in the nature and intensity of the processes occurring in you are called the biological rhythm. Under it, you can, first, adjust. Better yet, it can even be adjusted to achieve improved physiological performance and clarity of thinking, when (and if) you need them. But first you need to study your biorhythm.

In the morning you are full of energy, and after lunch you literally fall asleep? Calm is normal.

7:30 Lift my eyelids
Within the first half hour after awakening, your reactions and thought processes are slightly slowed down. The reason for this - a low level of cortisol, which "kicks" you in stressful situations. His rise will remove the shroud from his eyes. The main thing - do not forget to have breakfast. Otherwise, the level of the hormone will rise too high, and you will become extremely unpleasant - nervous and irritable.

8:00 - 12:00 Working noon
The energy that comes with breakfast activates the neurotransmitters of the brain, improving the communication between its cells. Simply put, right now - between breakfast and lunch - activity is at its peak (not the highest for the whole day, and yet). To squeeze out of this state a maximum, take on tasks that require critical thinking: appoint in the morning business meetings, carry out transactions. A routine such as filling in papers or searching the Internet for compromising on its former leave on the decline of activity.

12:00 - 17:00 Siesta
Spaniards are fixated not only on sangria and paella. A quiet hour also deserves their friendly "Ole!". After lunch, the body for some reason throws a portion of the melatonin sleep hormone into the blood, and you begin to peck with your nose. Do not fall asleep completely and irrevocably will help daylight and fresh air. For example, a 20-minute walk to the nearest coffee shop and back.

17:00 - 20:00 The last spurt
Now - the highest peak of your activity, since morning. The organism as though hints: finish with work and at last borrow or occupy in private life. Well, what - follow the advice. Why argue with a wise organism?

20:00 - 6:30 The exciting moments
Closer to the night, you go through a cycle of changing states. Then suddenly excited and, it seems, ready to cocks (or whoever is waking you up) to chat with a friend on the phone, then suddenly start yawning and reach for the pillow. As a result, melatonin, of course, will prevail and wish you good night.

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