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Straighten Or Curl Without Harm

February 21, 2018
Under the law of meanness curly girls dream to straighten the curls forever. And the owner of smooth hairstyles - to find curly locks. WH tr...

Rules Of A Good Manicure

February 20, 2018
Came the time when you can get to the manicure only by appointment. But do not completely trust the master - we must also be aware of the de...

Dictionary Of Perfume Terms

February 19, 2018
The ice broke out-finally, it happened. Someone had to do it. WH has compiled a mini-dictionary of perfume terms, and now you can not only c...

Botox And Not Only

February 16, 2018
"To stab or not to prick?" Is a question that at some point begins to torment many of us. On the one hand, it is tempting, on the ...

Get Rid Of The Effects of Cold

February 05, 2018
In frosty days, the body has a hard time. And our task is to help him survive the winter with minimal losses. The head is scratched ...

Your Face After The Party

January 21, 2018
Tobacco smoke, sleepless nights and overeating, tons of makeup and styling ... Do not be scared - WH knows how to celebrate holidays with mi...

Scary beautiful

January 21, 2018
To all the fault of your perfectionism: the hair became inanimate, the teeth - unnaturally white, the autosunburn became stained, and almost...
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